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In a film I was thinking about this- Before on the way I thought about “elastic spiderman”– “e las tic spy derm an… spiderman”- I don’t know, but I considered e to be like energy, or E, and “last tic” like last second. I don’t know. I realized when I thought about this again just now that i saw the PIKA2 car, first after on the road from the movie, and PIKA refers to the sound that an electrical spark makes. I also followed a Chevy Spark home much of the way from the grocery earlier, up to the last turn I think on a main road. The next song that came on from here, I don’t remember what had been on, but it was “Shock The Monkey” by Peter Gabriel, right about where I park.

elas tic
ela stic

i also thought about 23, while my range showed 222 when exiting on exit 23, for 86th street. 222 is 2 3 times. I think I had considered before that 33 is “two threes”, but not 222 as two- three times. i had recently in a synchronicity group come across a post about a movie called 2:22, and related. i found that the exact time referred to was actually 14:22, or 862 minutes into the day. then i saw this number where i went next, first, in a certain way. I saw it in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well, as number on a drop-ship/container/containment pod in the jet they fly around. that is an aside, but perhaps it may go with elastic. I don’t know.

I don’t understand the world. One thing that I keep coming to is that love is the guide.

If 2… 222.. chu chu chu.. chu means “squeak”, in Japanese.

Ah. I had to pull over, on the way to the movie, to restart my car because I think I have a spark plug that is coming loose when I hit bumps, or it comes out of alignment- I am not sure, but I suspect it’s a spark plug issue. I also found an old coil or something to do with the plug assembly riding on top of the engine under the cover. I thought it was the culprit but it seems it was just left in there from a previous repair.

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