Balls from Washington OHHHM

I bought these “balls” in Washington D.C., when I went there in the 8th Grade. I haven’t handled them in years. They were a little sticky the last time I touched them, so I haven’t messed with them, but they have moved with me over the years. I will probably “wash” them.

They have chime-y sounds. Little bells inside. A musician friend- I remember damaged them on the field trip by dropping them or some mechanical force of sorts on them. There is a crack on them, and they are not completely smooth balls.

After I handled the balls for the first time, at Whole Foods (in my car), driving away- At the intersection to turn onto the main road I saw this Tesla go by, and saw it’s license plate.

Also- The one who “broke the balls”, Michael, I remember him saying OHHHM for some reason. Every time I hear “ohhhm” I think of my connection to him (my oldest friend), and perhaps him. I think it’s him.

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