After I was “alone”- Deactivating my account on Facebook, I gassed up, and for the money I gave them I saw this number- 229 register. This is a value of my written name- According to a gematria.

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  1. admin says:

    sometimes i think i am the only “one”.

    this doesn’t mean I claim I am consciously creating or responsible- consciously, for things created, or that I am not created by God- Always created.

    Am I like a seed. These things, husks, veils, for hidden self? This is not to say nothing else exists, even when I say I am alone, but by some perspective…don’t they say we’re always trying to find ourselves? Maybe the world is inevitably going to find reflection in all of us- The “one” in all? I can’t claim absolutely even if I believe I am “the only one” that nobody else exists. Perhaps there is a kind of quantum state there. I don’t know.

    But am I like a seed, being carried through? Through currents-and other systems? My ‘self’, I don’t really know if I have one, absolutely. But as I have come here, I am clothed with things, that carry “me”. But “I” am a force that is not only contained in me, and I can’t claim absolute ownership of that force, or to be it’s end or beginning, even if in a way, we have to be? I may be being impatient to say something…

    but ‘I’ may not really exist in the first place…?

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