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In Washington D.C.- I remember I

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

hung a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier with Erica Pilgrim, and developed a crush on Christi Starr. I remember also hanging out with Chris King. Both were fairly new. Dusty Miller as well. I don’t remember much else from the trip other than listening to U2′s Pop, basically on repeat.

Erica now has the last name, Back…

Balls from Washington OHHHM

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I bought these “balls” in Washington D.C., when I went there in the 8th Grade. I haven’t handled them in years. They were a little sticky the last time I touched them, so I haven’t messed with them, but they have moved with me over the years. I will probably “wash” them.

They have chime-y sounds. Little bells inside. A musician friend- I remember damaged them on the field trip by dropping them or some mechanical force of sorts on them. There is a crack on them, and they are not completely smooth balls.

After I handled the balls for the first time, at Whole Foods (in my car), driving away- At the intersection to turn onto the main road I saw this Tesla go by, and saw it’s license plate.

Also- The one who “broke the balls”, Michael, I remember him saying OHHHM for some reason. Every time I hear “ohhhm” I think of my connection to him (my oldest friend), and perhaps him. I think it’s him.


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I went to Chipotle after Fresh Thyme (last post). I saw a red-head upon entry. My order number was 229. This was also the last number I posted about before I left to go out (‘Alone.’).


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I went to Fresh Thyme. Pomegranate tea was blocking the unsweetened tea. There is an overflow – too many pomegranate Yerba Mate teas so someone who worked there put them in front of the unsweetened ones, making it look like they were out. I got a little bit heated as I recognized this, for a moment (I’ve been there twice trying to get this tea and someone “hid” them – The extra pomegranates should have been left in the box in the back), and this bag fell behind me when I said “so…fucking stupid”. This variety of chips was between two of “pepper”. Hen of The Woods- Red Wine Vinegar. I didn’t immediately see any other pepper-variety chips.

I wonder just how stupid (?) I am.


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

After I was “alone”- Deactivating my account on Facebook, I gassed up, and for the money I gave them I saw this number- 229 register. This is a value of my written name- According to a gematria.


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

This post can only be understood if previous posts are read. Better if them first.

In a film I was thinking about this- Before on the way I thought about “elastic spiderman”– “e las tic spy derm an… spiderman”- I don’t know, but I considered e to be like energy, or E, and “last tic” like last second. I don’t know. I realized when I thought about this again just now that i saw the PIKA2 car, first after on the road from the movie, and PIKA refers to the sound that an electrical spark makes. I also followed a Chevy Spark home much of the way from the grocery earlier, up to the last turn I think on a main road. The next song that came on from here, I don’t remember what had been on, but it was “Shock The Monkey” by Peter Gabriel, right about where I park.

elas tic
ela stic

i also thought about 23, while my range showed 222 when exiting on exit 23, for 86th street. 222 is 2 3 times. I think I had considered before that 33 is “two threes”, but not 222 as two- three times. i had recently in a synchronicity group come across a post about a movie called 2:22, and related. i found that the exact time referred to was actually 14:22, or 862 minutes into the day. then i saw this number where i went next, first, in a certain way. I saw it in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well, as number on a drop-ship/container/containment pod in the jet they fly around. that is an aside, but perhaps it may go with elastic. I don’t know.

I don’t understand the world. One thing that I keep coming to is that love is the guide.

If 2… 222.. chu chu chu.. chu means “squeak”, in Japanese.

Ah. I had to pull over, on the way to the movie, to restart my car because I think I have a spark plug that is coming loose when I hit bumps, or it comes out of alignment- I am not sure, but I suspect it’s a spark plug issue. I also found an old coil or something to do with the plug assembly riding on top of the engine under the cover. I thought it was the culprit but it seems it was just left in there from a previous repair.

Earlier today I saw a man wearing a shirt with what looked like Pokemon

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

He was very tall. Older than me. “Got to catch them all?” I wondered. I am not very into or into at all many things. maybe i take myself too seriously. or life. but I do find I learn things when I am open, and there is more than I allow myself to see. perhaps in ways it is as if I am like .. perhaps there are husks. like. this world has so many things. so many choices. the husk in a way represents a choice. once a seed doesn’t have it, it is either being eaten, or it’s on it’s way to becoming something, where-ever it is. the husk would allow it to be carried. like a container. once it’s out, it’s in the care of the “handler”. And this is the last place, more or less. But it continues, but I’m not there yet. I can’t claim to see. Though I know there is more. I have seen more here.

(maybe it’s not a choice, but more like lock and key, cause and effect, dominoes, mechanistic– naturally there are conditions which must be met for seeds to germinate- and for their boundaries to dissolve)

Anyways, I saw Spiderman with my brother, and for the first time he brought his son (2nd-3rd grade?) with him with us. The timing of being with a child was also something to me. Coincidence in timing. Of sorts. I wouldn’t say ha-ha. i would honestly struggle to understand.

After it, pulling out onto the main road, I was first behind this car, seeing it in the movement out. PIKA2. Pikachu? The color matched, to some degree (it was more yellowish/gold than this image- which seems very bright orange using this display). It had a black stripe I think, with breaks around the doors. It ended up turning next to Copper Ridge (a place with a sign) on the way back. It’s color seemed to match (Copper). I noticed this place on the way.


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I said I was being hateful when I deactivated my Facebook account (when they asked me to explain, I said I was being a hateful person), and then I loaded up Netflix, and this show, ‘Love’ came up suggested.


Sunday, July 9th, 2017

I started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- the most recent season on Netflix available. Around the same day, or a day after, or so, Stan Lee’s, who wrote the story- beginning this story, wife died.

I took a picture of a car at the end of a night of work with a license plate of ANDROID. I also earlier that day posted pictures of Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, going up to the number 6 Cylon (blond), coming from thinking of Battlestar Galactica…

In this season of S.H.I.E.L.D.- a scientist has created an Android. Her role has been in attention.

I edited the post before this to add a report of a sync with watching this show with something in that post, and I went to check again, after I thought again about the ‘android’ coincidences/syncs, and then in confirming the other, saw a flashback from the previous episode at the end of it where Agent May feels in a wound and seems to feel/see metal, like she is also an Android.

227 in order of awareness

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

1. Gematria possible of 227 and 92 (and through other methdods, others, but this is common/related):


2. 2/27 is mother’s birthday. After I recognized that these names (exes from when I had girlfriends- above) have a possible sum of 227 if written as I spoke them, and calculated using number of alphabetical placement, I felt that 227 was familiar, which led to [re]discovery that she was born 2/27. Of anyone in my life, I remember she got really emotionally upset because one time we forgot her birthday (mainly at dad, probably). I don’t remember anyone becoming so emotional over this, but I also don’t remember anyone’s birthday having been forgotten like this. I was maybe about 12.

3. Perhaps the third was Donna Price- Who I wrote about in the previous entry. I met her 226 days after my 26th birthday, and on the 227th we went to a book-store together, her putting her hand on my shoulder while I looked at a chapter in a book about the letter- E, the first letter I learned that I can remember (in the memory my mom is behind me in the direction Donna was, left shoulder), and that night we made eye-contact in a kind of ‘thing’ for an extended period of minutes. It was something that she wanted to do. Her name by gematria written-English with my last name replacing Price can go to 184, which also matched my mother’s name’s gematria (184). A voice told me she was my wife pretty much as soon as we met- When she asked me who/what I was (husband, “your her husband- she’s your wife”).

Edit/addition: I was contacted by a Donna a few moments ago. She is the only other Donna I know other than this one (and other than a family member). I met her right after her. I am not often contacted by her. It has been perhaps a year or more. She wanted to know Book’s number.

Donna as I related her with numbers that I have found related to my mother- Right after this, I began to watch Shield, and agent Coleson says “milk”, beginning the episode. Milk was prominent in the statement. A metaphor. She lived next to MLK park. Her ex- Who she talked about, was Cole. Donna who contacted me is Black- As is Book. And tonight/today I saw with frequency black/white couples. I think I saw more black/white couples than any others. And in Spiderman, which I just saw, his love-interests are also black (which is new).

4. Zena Grey- I separated her last name, ‘Grey’, into “Black”+”White”, calculating them this way (alphabetical placement correspondence). I have found other ways to relate.

(Ah, Ross Kelly, and others… I have to edit this later)

5. Genevieve Angelson- Full name with my last name, gematria can be 227. I noticed her 227 weeks after 12/21/2012…