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Wonder Woman

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

I’ve written about this a few times- mainly on Facebook…where I saw ‘syncing’ in Wonder Woman (what I wrote about).

I mentioned another girl, mainly, and others, but one matches in a way uniquely.

Where Wonder Woman chooses her disguise-outfit, she goes through 226 outfits- before Steven Trevor comes back and finishes the one she is wearing, which looks like what he is wearing, by putting glasses on her. I considered this due to the proximity of 226 to 227- a number I have found related to “women” in my life, to be something about 227. Also 22/7 is an approximation of Pi, and the spectacles, lenses, this Pi would seem to be something to that- to understanding them.

I related this number other ways, to others, and another specifically. I also met one who looked like her (another specifically- and another, but they all look like themselves), 226 days after my 26th birthday, and then the next night she had us make eye-contact for minutes, which was the longest sustained eye-contact I have had with someone. There were other things about eyes with her. Eyes, ice? In ways. Sees. Seize. Hmm. Anyways…

I just wanted to write about meeting her 226 days after my 26th birthday, and the eyes. And the 226 outfits. She was also a stripper/exotic-dancer (my first connection consciously to 227 involved letters MASK).

I thought that she confirmed that I was Christ. Now I’m not even sure I believe in anything, except God.

…He put a “ring” on her?
And he gave her a watch.
He sees her…

Out fit. My first home had an address of 908 Vine. 908 is 227×4.


Saturday, July 8th, 2017

reality would be that i think i want to go to sleep. i don’t want to dramatically exit, but i don’t really want to process this.

if there is anyone that had an idea for me, or expected me to function some way, please move on. i have nothing for you.