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I quit Facebook

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

for a few days at least, due to the overwhelming frequency of posts attempting to make you feel something for people that are Muslim. This isn’t to say I am not shocked, and how the idea seems appalling, but when I think about it, Trump is right with his “genie in the bottle” statement, that he said a while back. Once you take it out it’s hard to put back in. Islam may be related to an ideological virus or parasite. I think some in psychology say this about ideas in general, and culture. But these are not just people. They are people that carry with them an ideology that is hostile to us. This isn’t making stuff up. It is actually baffling that we cannot, and did not, approach this rationally. God be honest it is political correctness, and cheap, lukewarm moves. This is not a judgment against people, but sight of the bigger picture…

However, if that route is taken, then peace is never an option, and oneness is never an option. This is is the problem with people who entertain the idea that we are compatible. They believe simply that Muslims will forsake their identity for the common one. To just be “lukewarm” like us, and many may be, but like Alexander Hamilton said, it will become a heterogeneous mixture, with some being loyal to the cause and some not, and it causes chaos. These liberal “softies” believe they’re superior to the Muslims, and their “liberal”, “progressive” culture is just so appealing to them. It’s frankly arrogant, ignorant, stupid. This is not a value judgment on Muslims as people (or us, but certainly I think some of us are acting stupid), but what I see as groups interact. They don’t just break down. Nor should they have to.

These people let their hearts run wild, because they think they can afford to. And they don’t even get it.


Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Sometimes I think the situation is just going to be somewhat damned no matter what. Maybe the key is finding grace within. But to say don’t push back, I would not.


Sunday, January 29th, 2017

If I had to find a pattern in my exposure to Muslims and Islam, it would be sickness, I think.

When a Muslim was doing my dental work, I got a staph infection. I met an Aisha from a person named Book within this timing of dental work. Aisha was Muhammad’s 6 year old child bride, who he had sex with when she was 9.

I met a girl who has recent Islamic ancestry, was intimate with her, and immediately got sick, with a cough/sore throat/chest infection. I had to take antibiotics again. The last time I took a course of them was when I got the staph infection.

Both were firsts in certain interaction with Muslims, the level of involvement being much more “intimate”.

People perhaps need to stop viewing them as someone we need to save, just like everyone else. I’m not saying view them hatefully or not as human, but like everyone who is Muslim has a disease, and should be cordoned off from the rest. The Islamic world should be quarantined. Respectfully. Respectful relations should still occur as much as possible, and assistance offered/extended, but they should not be “equal”. Their ideology is a sickness. Any Muslim is a carrier of the sickness. Furthermore, certain groups are more “high-risk”, even if not known to be Muslims. These include many African nations, and others. They should be quarantined as well from the west. Current Muslims living in the west should make their way back to the Islamic world, or/and certain methods to make them, well, not Muslim, should be worked on.