It smelled like sulphur

When I left for work, outside it smelled like sulphur, I thought. Perhaps not.

It was extraordinarily dark in the parking lot. One of the big lights was out– all of them on the pole.

The first song that was on ended down the road a little. It was called “Dark In The Light” from what the DJ said. I didn’t really feel like listening to the music that was on, so much, but resisted changing the channel. I like the DJ and what he plays sometimes. I stayed with it and the last song in his set- the number one on his countdown was called Event Horizon.

I have wondered if I’m in hell before, but that would be going on certain preconceptions, and from what I’ve gathered, it still doesn’t matter. And from what I’ve considered, all of the clues that might say I’m in “hell”, well, they go back to my birth. And I can’t remember what I did to get here, so, I don’t really think this is hell. But it certainly isn’t heaven. Perhaps we get slices of it, and slices of hell, here. But I don’t know if I believe in hell. It doesn’t make sense, considering what seem to perceive about nature….That is, that most of us are basically automatons. That I am. There ris no “self” to punish.

On the other hand, perhaps we are processors of spirit. And spirit… Has to .. the wrong has to be solves. The problem has to be solved. The issues. And what isn’t solved keeps … Going… Until it’s purified. ??? But it isnt as if “we” go to hell, so directly. But, I guess, we are all this energy, it becomes us… And it would be good to not send our energy to “hell”, if possible.

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