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If a Jew

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

has an in-group preference, I find nothing wrong with this. If the Jewish population of Israel goes for policy that helps to ensure that Israel stay “Jewish”, they have my respect.

If a Chinese woman politely declines my sexual advancement (even un-politely), because I am not Chinese, I get it. If the Japanese people don’t want millions of White people to come and reproduce faster than them, and blend them out of existence, I get that. If I were desperate as a people and wasn’t born in the solid foundations there, however, I might try to fight for my cause, but I would be honest and understand them, as well (I would hope, but perhaps perspective is a privilege sometimes not awarded to some who come in ways limited). So, I also understand exactly what certain people are doing. The problem is, they have no empathy or understanding, for us. And they resort to ridicule, name-calling, making us “feel bad” to get their way, or what they think they want.

I totally get and respect in-group loyalties, and identities. Totally. I know they can be a source of problems, but they’re pretty much there and real.

My problem comes when you don’t respect mine. And when my entire society is fractured to fucking hell for it.

-not to say I would be opposed to certain people, being with them, perhaps of any group, but I’m probably [much] more likely to saw “wowza” to a white girl, among other things.

Fuck “multiculturalism” and the mish-mash jerry-rigging of “society”.