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Friday, September 9th, 2016

Perhaps there is no going back. Perhaps there is nothing back there that we think there is.

racial consciousness

Friday, September 9th, 2016

some say “i don’t see color”. perhaps. i see the difference in peoples, or a certain non-similarity that can most likely be explained through geographic and/or genetic isolation, beyond just black, white, asian, middle eastern, south american, etc. this presents less of an issue when it comes to the females, but men are especially territorial, and tribal, and other men represent competition, or unfamiliarity. perhaps they don’t even really have to look different. i experienced what can expand to what “racism” is, with regard to other towns, growing up. part of it is just familiarity. so there are issues with certain studies when it comes to the effects of diversity, on the level that we have it today, and how well they explain the potential trouble that comes with it. when people argue the subject of race, and differences, and how one seems to be represented in various statistics, for instance, on the subject of I.Q., and violent criminality, often it will be brought up that certain things were controlled for, such as socioeconomic status, and certain difference is still seen. while this is useful, sometimes people jump to conclusions with statistics, to fit something they already believe. there are other things- other factors involved, and, at least here, it could be argued that there is a trend that came about through the unequal meeting of groups of people, that weren’t able to blend. irish and english blended easily. they already shared much ancestry. they’re both white, even though irish weren’t considered, technically, “white”, when the term was invented as a description of the english, and germans, etc. neither were italians, yet, these groups blend into one, and their identity becomes solved to one, much easier than for instance black africans, and white europeans. they simply do not mix, more often than not. the division stays, and more fractures are prone…

i don’t know. i lost my focus.

i do find myself getting upset of blatant, stupid racism. some racism can be funny (and we can all laugh), but, i try to not indulge. i am “racially conscious”. i may even be guilty of bringing up the divide, and tension, where others aren’t seeing it, obviously. to the right winger, conservative types, i’ve been likened to the liberal progressive… umm, person, who sees “racism where there isn’t any”. in ways, this may be true, but, i am racially conscious, or conscious of the differences, and the tension.

again, i don’t know what point i’m trying to make.

i am not a brow beater liberal that wants to shame white people and make them feel white guilt. they are already damaged enough by that. they are divided. i empathize with those who i might identify with (“white people”). i am pro-separatist, or “segregationist”, to a degree. this doesn’t mean i support how it was done before, or that we should completely separate, but i do see “race mixing”, especially among certain groups, and in certain circumstances that happen to exist in a lot of places, to be…divisive of people, destructive, and more trouble than i want. i see the liberal propaganda, and the forced attempts at integration, as misguided, unless these initiatives are in fact funded or pushed by some outside group, or elite, which is possible.

still, above, you know where i am going with that: jews, and (((“bankers”))). hmm. jews have, or rather, less dangerously, people, who happen to be jewish, have been in the west, allegedly tied to reforms in immigration laws, for instance in the U.S.. there have been people, who are jewish, who have said that jews have always thrived in diverse societies. they have been expelled from various, “monoculture” societies, so they say they want to promote diverse societies for their own survival (which, may not be good for societies that don’t want to break). i really don’t know the whole story, enough to pin it on them, and, i don’t hate jewish people (although, admittedly the fact of their strong identity as separate people yet their blending, and the policies they often go for, i don’t know… causes trouble, as groups have interests). i can’t hate them. and they’re in-fact on average higher in intelligence, according to I.Q. testing- at least Ashkenazi Jews are. and, they are involved in, many of them, alot of charity, medical research, advances in various technologies. the world may very well be a better place because of them. they are disproportionately represented among, i think, for one instance, nobel prize winners. honestly, i wouldn’t mind marrying into, if i had an option, or becoming with, that identity, or, i don’t think it would be a bad thing. but, i am conscious of the potential problems that they, a separate people from another people, might add to, and might be a great part of. i even sympathize with the Nazis, to some degree. war has been going on for a long time, in various forms. my sympathies in no way amount to hate, but, quite frankly, i have to wonder if “my people” would be better off had the Nazis won WWII, as far as mass immigration basically destroying Europe right now, or threatening to. the state of Israel is partially to blame for this. their presence in the middle east, amplified tension/resentment, not to say the tension/resentment was anything new. the west’s involvement there has been in part, of influence, from our alliance with Israel, and our vow to protect them.

i’m not saying anyone is guilty. but things are clearly divided. i can’t kid myself on that.

and again, with race mixing, and attempts to integrate. the first generation black/white child will identify as black, more often than not, and/or will have issues with identity, and loyalties, and may struggle with division, which can be damaging to social fabrics. and that child will most likely marry black. this is destruction of the continuity of one people (white). white people are seemingly, at this rate, destined to become kind of like the neadanderthal in their genetic representation, in the world. i don’t find this exactly positive.

a jew to white marriage, often due to the novelty and uniqueness of being jewish, they will identify with this “difference”, from the often seen as dominant culture. they like being different (people do), yet belonging/finding validation for that difference…

but, “white people”, what really are we? anglo-saxon, celtic, umm. german, french, spanish, umm. english, scottish. these are all people whose identities became solved to one, and along the path have been influenced by various other collectives of people. like someone said, the tea that is a greatly british thing, comes from asia… so what is “ours”?

i understand the struggle against this isolation of us and them. of unique isolates, as a real thing. but groups still form, at least, people try to organize this way… and that will cause problems, no matter certain, deeper realities that reveal ties…