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Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

When I argue against “diversity”, such as the mass immigration and forced blending of people from different racial backgrounds and cultures, I have sometimes been met with a statement of “civilizations rise and fall – this is how it has been happening for a long time. one people dies out, and a new people come about”, or something like that.

What is happening now is not quite as relative to what happened before, when they didn’t have trains, planes, cars, and welfare states to support simple non-other-state-sponsored-people (before, if a massively different people were to go to live near a massively differently people, such as the Chinese to the Americas, they needed a support network in place there, or, they needed to come with an invading army… more often). It makes a lot more sense for Germans and English to live with each other, and English and Irish despite at times having different religion, etc., than it does for English and Pakistani. It is less difficult a move. The children won’t be split, and will belong more.

But, what these people seem to argue, at least in a sense, with their saying that civilizations rise and fall, is basically that this influx will lead to, or coincides with the downfall. So, why? And why is this something that they support?

There have been many “multicultural” civilizations, throughout history. Egypt may have been one. Babylon may have been one, at one point. The Biblical Tower of Babel may have indicated one of those great diverse civilizations…

what a slap in the face, eh?