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had a dream

Monday, April 25th, 2016

i was flying a jet, dogfighting. it was like a game of battlefield, but extremely immersive, and big. i seemed to be a good pilot, unlike the actual game. i could hear a lot of breathing. in the game you can hear breathing, but in this it was like i could really feel it. my lungs felt very present.

just before sleep i had anxiety that i had breathed in silica dust, from a supplement that i opened the capsule of, and poured out on my tongue. i was careful not to, but i still feared it. silica can cause issues with the lungs, but i think that is mainly crystal silica, where the kind in supplements isn’t as harmful, it being amorphous silica. it’s still not good to breath, but not nearly as bad. i also was probably exposed to far more silica when mixing cement working at a fence company, as they didn’t have us wear masks.

i tend to get anxiety when it comes to my lungs. i had asthma when i was younger, and my grandfather had emphysema, and dad has asthma- yet still smokes cigarettes. when i get anxiety i get shortness of breath. i value breathing, as long as i’m alive.