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Price, Hartman

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Last night I took a route for a guy who wanted the night off. It was local, so it didn’t take long. I accidentally took a tote for a stop on another guy’s route, that is also local, but it was only a few miles from the last stop I made on my route, so it worked out. I made the mistake because the wing that the order went to was called Cherished Memories (Memory-Care units), which is also the name of a wing on the route that I take. I got a call from John-My dispatcher, asking me if I could take another run after my route, down in Greenwood. I said I would take it, but I wasn’t planning on doing more than the route. The order was for medications for a guy named Richard Price.

I talked to John, and got that order on the way to drop off the extra tote of medication, that I picked up accidentally. It went to a place called Copper Trace. I had got the order, and Price resonated, even though I might resist. Donna- A person I met in 2009, her father had the name Donald Richard (Price). I have talked about her, but I’m in a state now where I’m doubting that any of it is anything, even though there has been frequency of resonant to meaningful things/words. My best friend growing up had a name of Richard Donald, and this person-This female has been hard for my mind to let go of, and her name is Donna Richele. But we never had a connection. I can’t say we did. I mean, sure we did, but, to claim it’s special, is unfair, to her. I tend to think I’m crazy, no matter what. Even if I have found connections, or resonance, or matches to things already close to me, or close to importance.

When I got to Copper Trace, the range in miles on my tank read 159. 159 is a number of Donna’s full name, if A=1, Z=26 (etc.). The first plate that I saw after leaving Copper Trace was on a Charger, and it said “CHRG IT”. Copper is found in electronics connections. Her hair is near this color, naturally.

I stopped at Whole Foods after, and I saw a female as I entered, walking toward the customer service desk, and then one female who seemed to have a crush on me, who used to work at the other store, said hi to me. I say she had a crush on me, because she seems interested to interact, and doesn’t seem to look for an end, or an out of the conversation. A song by The Jets, “Crush On You” began playing at the split, from talking to her. I noticed this, and hoped she didn’t notice, somewhat, how I moved when the music stopped/started.

I went to the line where the first girl that I saw when I walked in was working. I saw her name is Isis. She is the first Isis I have knowingly been that close to. I also have in the past associated Donna with Isis. Isis is an Egyptian goddess of, for one, rebirth, and is associated with the moon. Donna was born on the day of a solar eclipse. A full moon just passed. I just noticed that she-Donna got back on Facebook, not long ago (3/14?), after a long break. I had also just written about when she got off, just before. I don’t mean to stalk, but she reflects/She resonates. Or has seemed to. I keep confirming, or seemingly, confirming.

The girl who is always really friendly to me was there at the register as well. Isis is also friendly, and shows personality/seeks interaction. They hire people for that, though. I split (maybe a better word, I began to leave) from this as “So Alive” (Love and Rockets) began. Isis, when I saw her name, I thought of life. I thought of the connection to Osiris, and Horus, but I can’t remember specifics, except that there are themes of death, and rebirth.

I considered how I now had a new crush (Isis), as I went to another Whole Foods. The first one didn’t have the drinks I was going for. I just bought sardines there. The other one has the drinks I buy. There is also another female who I like there– Josie. She also pays special attention to me. She makes me smile. She’s goofy. Pretty. Also pretty young for me. She’s 21-22. Isis also seems very young. Not that I would really care, if I had my health. But I considered that I had a “new crush”, and then at that Whole Foods, Josie was in line I saw behind me, as I finished my order. She’s never been in line behind me. She was wearing her glasses. I smiled and waved at her.

Now I went back to the pharmacy and returned the returns and empty totes, and paperwork, and then I went down to Greenwood to pick up and deliver the medications for Richard Price. A nurse with the last name-Hartman signed. Hartman resonated, as Heart. One year after I had a kind of split with Donna, I thought I had a heart attack, and went to the hospital. It was food allergies. One year after that, when I went to work the day after that day (I took the day off and did nothing), I took (only) one order, for ‘Hart’. The year after that, my last living grandparent (grandmother) died. I had already associated her with my mother, through numbers, for one, and other ways as well. This is also the date of my first nieces (first child from my generation in our family) birthday.

It was this week, this past week, when I noticed Donna (Price) again– When I saw updated, new images of her, for the first time in at least a year or so. Now this weekend I had a special (extra, stat) order for Price, and after I received it, the numbers 159 at that stop, also numbers I associate with her. Then Isis…

The first stat order I had after noticing that she was back was for a person with the last name Cochran. This was the second.