I don’t exactly remember what I was dreaming

I remember 2:30 was something. I thought it was in a dream, as I woke up. I started to think it was nothing. From a dream I woke up at 2:30, as I looked at my phone. Something else happened in the dream, at that time. And when I woke up, a sound. Seeing 2:30 was of interest, but I went straight back to sleep.

I remember in one dream a man falling down a hill. Tumbling down. He seemed to work at this place. We were at a grocery, and things were more sparse- the selection. I was in a aisle with water. There was a particular brand with a silver cap that I noticed before, with a cylindrical glass bottle, and white-silver somewhat see-through in places writing on the bottle, but another of this kind caught my eye, with a bronze/copper/gold coloring to it. The water was separated. It said it was “mechanically separated”. It was as if there were two layers, like what oils form with water, but this was all water. In the separation layer there was a mineral dust, of what looked like copper/gold, or something. Perhaps the silver had it’s own, like this, but I was drawn to try this.

The man falling down the hill had hair a little like Napoleon Dynamite. Not to say he fully resembled him, but there was some resemblance. I kind of worried about him- not that there was anything I could really do, and not that I was really that worried. I thought he was a gonner, and he was so far away that there was nothing that I could do. But he got up, and was fine.

A girl drew me a picture, in this time. I think. I don’t really remember. I just remember there was maybe a little girl, with her father, and they were waiting on another girl, perhaps her mother, or older sister. The store was about to close.

In another part of a dream- maybe before this, but connected, I went to a Tool concert. Then I left the concert before it started, as I forgot something. Somehow the concert and the grocery seemed connected. The atmosphere. There was some racially charged stuff, but it got healed somehow. Although there were still some that had issues. My brother got kind of mad with me, and accused me of spending all of my money on marijuana, when I haven’t smoked marijuana in awhile, and even when I do, it amounts to, per week, about a days worth of food/beverage for me, and I actually end up spending less money when I smoke because otherwise I eat like a pig, just to think. Not to say that justifies it’s use. I don’t know. But I told him this. I remember riding a bike, or he was. Perhaps it was a weird bike (I don’t know).

This time, I woke up, and decided to stay awake. I stepped my feet upon my feet, as I laid there- they were propped up at the end of my love-seat. I considered it was how I walked, maybe. That I step on myself. I prop myself up. I had a thought of a “tesseract”- the hypercube. And about a time when I denied stimulation to some degree, choosing to not ‘eat’, with my eyes, or ears, and heard a male voice say that I am the trenchcoat, or that I need a trenchcoat, and then I stopped at Whole Foods and followed a man in who was wearing a trenchcoat.

I checked my phone, saw that it said 2:30, and wondered if that’s why I dreamed 2:30, but then it quickly changed to 3:53, and then immediately to 3:54. Now it was 4:13, and now it’s 4:14.

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