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Friday, February 19th, 2016

I considered the name, Chastain, due to some attention to Jessica Chastain- the actress. She played in both The Martian, and Interstellar, recently.

I looked up where an ex of mine works- Someone who I was with when I first started to have certain awareness…

She works at Wing Factory, in Atlanta- and has for a few years. I noticed again that this place is on a road called Roswell. Back in 2007, I had an idea that I am the alien, and this was associated with Alisha, somehow. Wing Factory is located in Chastain Square, next to Atlanta Ballet. Alisha also took Ballet.

Coming from this name, finding it where Alisha worked, movies about space… Roswell, already having association with “alien”…

I don’t know how to say it.

I feel like I’m screaming.

I added the sum of Jessica Chastain’s full name, by English Ordinal Gematria, and by a method that I came to somewhat independently, I think- I forget now though if I converged with something or came to it myself, then saw reflection. One sum of her name (letters, by placement) is 208. By this other method I found a sum of 134.

I saw that she is a vegan.

I forgot to put chicken in the fridge at work, and realized it when I was in Bloomington. I thought “what a waste” and then I saw a dead rabbit in the middle of the road, as I considered that things die all the time and are “wasted”.

I went to Kroger, and thought to get ice, as the chicken was still cool to the touch. In the row I turned into, not many cars were there. One was there at the head, though, which was 208SYE. I checked the chicken again. It weighed 1.34 lbs.

She is dating a “Count”.

One night last week- or two weeks ago (time..), I connected that her birthday is 3/24. 324 is a number that I had associated with one other, before her, but really it should be associated with four others, along with that person. On the radio that night, I thought it was, they announced a ‘Murphy Cooper’ would be on, and this was just as I was considering something about Interstellar… I was picturing a picture of someone who supposedly contacted me via email within a minute or so after I asked for someone to knock on my door, instead of just watching me, and I heard a knock on the wall, then an email- from Arria Bland. I saw that Arria had three daughters. At first I hoped that she was one of them- as they were cute. One was too young, though. She has red hair. But the first daughter that I explored to see has a picture taken by ‘Jenny Thomas’. That’s the first time I had seen my sister’s name outside of my sister. Arria’s message to me was simply, “Hi- can we talk?” I thought there was something to it. I responded. The area that they lived in, and other things, were in resonance… I didn’t receive a quick response.

Both daughters are dancers- or all three. But both of the older ones. I associated the younger, red haired one with a young “Murphy Cooper”. It was like some reflection.

The next night I considered that in Interstellar, Cooper goes for “Bland”. I mistook Brand for Bland. Bee-Land. Where he lands at the end. Then I saw that she was Brand. But I looked at the letter r, and the letter l, and saw them as mirror images, somewhat. How he traveled through the black hole, or however Cooper did that. Brand, Bland. Maybe one of these girls is my “Brand”? This is where I Bee-Land? One went to school in a Bellville, and there is an Apiary near by. That night, or near this, I came home and saw an ad on YouTube for Hulu, that played the Interstellar preview, and that was the first I had seen that preview on YouTube.

But back to the closer to the present… I was thinking about the family photo of Arria’s, and about how I had considered “Murphy Cooper” when I saw it, seeing the red-haired little girl. I doubted it. Then on the radio it said “Murphy Cooper”, as the name of a DJ or musician that was coming up.

That night, I think it was, perhaps (I’m not sure)- it was the night I looked up Jessica Chastain’s birthday, later I entered 465 coming back from doing my route and the time would have probably been 3:24, as it was 3:25 when I checked it a moment later.

I don’t know.

I’m not saying I’m supposed to marry her or anything. I know better by now. Or I should.

Arria’s account was actually hacked, I think. The hacker who had control of it, then sent me a message claiming to be someone else, and another “scam” account contacted me on the same day. Both seemed to contain hidden messages… But the thing is, some of these … well, it seems impossible that humans are consciously controlling it.