Range or angel


As I got back into town tonight, before, and as I got onto the interstate, the range on my car was 164. The last time I saw it at 164 I was sitting at the Al-Haqq Foundation, and was about to see if someone was there, to ask them to translate something for me. This was my first night with my car after it had gotten a new alternator. 1640 is Doc Brown’s address in Back to the Future, but I had seen the number other places.

As I have related the forms of r and l, when I got onto the interstate, a truck with this name, with an RL- something. I forget it- I typed it, but didn’t save, and lost it. As I looked at the range earlier, I thought how I had errored in writing range, or something- or how an autocorrect had written orangeorangel. I left it as such, because I thought it was curious, how I see my range numbers- the estimate on the tank align in ways sometimes. Of course other numbers. Just numbers. Things around. But this “RL”-associated truck had a plate number of 223. I recalled that when I first got on the interstate earlier tonight, or last night- When I began work, I was also first behind a 223.

There were other numbers last night. I didn’t write them. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing them. But maybe I should.

At the next interchange after I entered 465, a RayL-truck entered here, next to me, in time. R and L again. rl.

Earlier yesterday I called my dad to see if he and my mom had made it into town yet- They were going to help my brother and his wife for the day, as she had a chemo treatment. They come up and clean/cook, take some weight off I guess. He said they were just pulling into their driveway when I called. I had borrowed his car while mine got an alternator put in, which took more days than expected, as the shop got the wrong alternator multiple times, then a part was broke, so they had to wait on that. When I left, my complex, I saw a car drive by with a 475MEK license plate id, as I pulled out onto the road. 475 are the numbers (single numerals) that when spoken are spoken with a connection of teeth to lip (F, V), and have been interesting, when I’ve studied. The cost of the alternator+installation ended up being 457.14. They had quoted me 504, but changed.

Both times my car has been disabled recently, I was pointed to Islam. There at the shop there was a Quran, and I opened it and looked through it. When I went to Al-Haqq to get a picture looked at that I took, to see where in the Quran I had opened first, and nobody was there, and the parking lot was mostly barren, there was a disabled man in a power-chair in the middle-front of the lot, with a mouth-controller device on it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this…

I saw numbers. I saw 777. I saw 777 again. I saw Love. I saw a number that I associate with my birthday- 161. Then I saw a number that I associate with my name- 229. It was next to a truck that said Turner, and ahead of it, I saw a truck that said Total Patcher, and had Vortex written on it. I was on my way to recycle, then wash my car, then vacuum it- things I haven’t done in awhile. I noticed 159 must have been my range on my car around this time, as it was 158 a mile or so later. So 159- a number that I associate with the name of one who is special, was with 229, around Vortex. At the wash, I decided not to go in, and began cursing, because of the amount of people there. I got pretty disgusted with society, and what they hold as important (wasting water on keeping a car sparkly- probably a weekly thing for most people at least), and that they were just packed. I never wash my car. I let the rain do it. I don’t see the point, as I drive daily 300 miles, and don’t consider my car something to flash around, I guess. I never have considered “dirt” to be dirty. I understand getting salt off, though. But anyways. I saw 530 there- that was the only one I glanced. 5/30 is associated to 159, as the one who I associate with that number has that birthdate.

Getting the alternator, my odometer read 311184, and when I checked, not a mile of driving later, the range was 184. 184 is a number I associate with this one that I also associate with 159- but not as strongly as I used to. I first came to the number through her, by adding letters, A=1 Z=26, of her name, if she had my last name. This was when I met her, and a voice said “that’s your wife”. Then I found out that my mom’s name has this sum. I recognized it, just not strongly, as I had done it before. But it was first through her- 159 (Donna Price), that I saw that the number is a multiple of 23- a number that has been significant to me/special. Now I tend to associate it more to my mother, as her name actually relates to it- not just hypothetical. But I still think of her, and she was, Donna was where I first paid attention to it…

After I got the alternator, I followed my dad over to Kroger, across a parking lot, just to kind of test drive the car and see if everything was functioning. He was going to get toilet bowl cleaner. I didn’t really have a reason to go over there, other than to hang out. I noticed that he parked next to, or with an empty space between, a car with a bumper sticker that read “Tesla Rules!”. Electromagnets. Inside I decided to just go ahead and go, as I hadn’t been to sleep yet, and wanted to vacuum out my car, as it smelled stale, and dusty (it’s been a long time), and run it through the wash. I left, but then ended up going back, to go say hi and bye to my mom.

Al-Haqq, 229, Turner/Vortex… Other numbers, and alignments of them. Orders. Meanings associated.

Really the only thing that matters is love.

But I admit I often want to destroy the world… In part because I don’t see love in a lot of it. Not the world. People. Lots of people. I’m a hypocrite, too. I tend to understand.

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