in a dream

snow – men
walking through woods my friends and i were, and we spotted very tall men. imagination went off this. they were wearing snow ghilli suits, seemingly. or just suits that were with a lot of insulation and white. we thought that they were some subspecies of man or something. giants.

we met them, though, and helped them up from a creekbed. then a steel-eating zombie guy approached us. the snow men and my friends were up on some stairs, that looked like a home built into, partially, the side of the earth. it was very beautiful. natural, elegant. the steel eating zombie- i didn’t know he was steel yet, until i was on the ground kicking him, and someone said that he had been in the house somewhere eating steel. the being looked malnourished like a zombie, but skin was dark red, almost blue in places. purple. charcoal clothing- maybe dust from the metal it had been eating. it was like the house was built into a mine. i eventually knocked the zombie over, and it’s neck snapped, severing the spinal cord. we could see pupils dilate.

the men that we thought were some extant subspecies i knew were just large men, when i saw a sparkling ear ring in one, and the way he looked at me. they were just as scared of this zombie guy as i was, except that they were away from it. i don’t even know if it was really going to attack me. i just reacted in fear. perhaps he was sick and wanted help, like the guys weren’t giants.

that house, though… wow. beautiful. stone. clean glass, but beautiful rounded masonry, like it was built from stones found in the river-bed near. different sizes, but decently uniform. with perhaps some other kinds of stone. looked like the kind of structure that didn’t need air conditioning, or heating beyond intelligently located fires..

i remember dreaming other things.

a competition.

-outside of a strip club.

steel mine.

i knew that was off. brain waking up a little. it would have been an iron mine, or something.

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