dream 2/12

In a dream, a girl approached me, and needed help. She was wearing little clothing. I thought she was kind of a scammer. But accepted flirtation anyways, as I’m a little desperate (male, with boner). I helped her. This was as I was about to go to work. I had loaded up, and had begun to go. I went back and there was more that I missed, too. There was washing of chicken. I tried to go in some place, and they didn’t allow me to go in, to wash my hands. I was directed elsewhere. There was a group of people. They were all a little bit ‘freakish’. Like artists, and rock-stars, drug users, I don’t know. But they were at this old rich fellows home. He didn’t seem to care what went on there. Everyone was dressed nice, or in costumes. I remember Lindsay- a friend was there, working. Girls were in sexy outfits- yet futuristic some of them, like Fifth Element style, or Back to the Future II, some kind of cross. Yet not. Perhaps just weird. I don’t have any idea as to style. Lindsay was wearing orange, I remember, and the girl that initially coerced me, colors of blue. The girl’s hair was blond. Sandy blond. And I saw that I seemed to resemble her at some point.

I took a shower. One twin directed me there. The shower was very long. Like a personal bowling alley long. there was like a wave pool, perhaps. It was dark toward the end. I showered at the front, and kind of lost track of time. Animals started running into the water. An otter, or seal. It was interesting. I wondered how the man was allowed to keep these animals, but he was rich, so I assumed that he just did. When I got out of the shower- it was with the direction of one of the twins- the one that showed it to me. He had a brother, named Jeff- like me, or maybe it was Thomas, which means twin, and could make sense. I think Jeff.

When I got out it was light out. I was really distraught over this. I was supposed to be at work hours ago. I was supposed to be done and home. People were waiting for meds. I saw it was 10:00, or no, 1:00-ish in the day time. I was going to attempt to call the facilities, and do the route. I think I woke myself up, and realized that I hadn’t been that far in my day yet. I immediately went back to sleep, and kind of fell asleep into the same dream. I was with this group, walking, by the golf course. But I remember this guy, with the last name Otter, in some kind of synchronicity with the otter, posting- a notification showing me he posted in synchronicity, right after the otter. Or his name was so close to Otter. Rob Otter. Hmm. Roboter. I want to say his name was Robert, and something Otter. Oter. I don’t know…

I didn’t want to walk onto the golf course, because we were bare-footed, and they spray pesticides and herbicides constantly on the golf course. I stayed on the pavement, while many of them- a group of people, who were willing to accept me among them, walked on the golf course.

We went to an old friend’s house- Richard’s old house. We were going to eat. I told someone they wouldn’t have anything that I could eat. I went in and there were rice crackers, but they had fish ingredients, and I didn’t feel like feeling comatose, due to the amines that build up in fish products that aren’t completely fresh.

There was an old projector system, I remember watching. It was built into a stereo system. I think Interstellar was playing, and some other movie, on the projector. The projector had snippets of news, and photographs, and things from the past. The whole machine took up a wall. My brother was there.

I kept holding onto the name, though, because it meant something. Otter. Rob Otter. I think. Rob? Robert Otter. Rob Otter. I can’t remember for sure.

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