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Thursday, February 11th, 2016

It was 1:46:00 according to the computer when I took it out of sleep. It’s next to my couch, where I slept, because I was washing my bed-cover and comforter.

1:46 can be 106 units of time.
the 106th day of the year is April 16th. 106 was a number on a car at Keystone, coming off of it, last night, on the way to work. I keep watching an episode and not finishing it, of the X-Files, where a guy is electrocuted, and his prisoner number is 50416. I keep falling asleep.

Before I fell asleep I read about Thorium. Thorium-229 is an isotope that is of interest in physics for certain applications, such as creating a longer-lasting atomic clock than can be made, or qubits for quantum computing, or a nuclear laser. I don’t understand these things, but I am attracted to 229 because it’s a gematria “sum” of my name, and have found things with, or around the number.

Thorium got it’s name from Thor.
So did Thursday.

Today, physicists announced they had discovered gravitational waves. The gravitational waves were from collisions of black holes.

In the film, Interstellar, at 2:29:00, Cooper realizes something a little weird. Perhaps it’s “wyrd”. “We sent ourselves”, he had said. He was “inside” of a black hole.

2:29 is 149.

2:26 is 146

226 is 3:46

It was actually 13:46 at 1:46:00.

I dreamed of Donna. Her mom was Jewish, in my dream. We stopped and had lunch with a woman, who knew her mother, and was also Jewish. Her last name was Silverman. I don’t remember eating.
I had just met Donna in the dream, again. I felt like I wanted to tell her that I was really, really into her, but I wasn’t even sure I was, in the dream. Or if it was like that. Or if I needed that. I didn’t want to push anything.
The woman had a dog, and it was nice.
Another Donna was going to give me a ride- a Donna who I met right after Donna, who was the only other Donna that I knew of outside of family, other than the first Donna (outside of family). I had hit another deer. There was a school near by. Lots of trees. This other Donna had my mother’s middle name, Faye- which is a first for me, meeting someone with this middle name, and my sister’s birthday, August 9th- also a first outside of my family to notice someone with this birth-date. The other Donna was black. Donna is white, with strawberry blond, or red hair. It was a lighter red, from what I remember. Donna who was Black had the last name Harrell, and had hair growing kind of wildly from her chin. She last contacted me a night when I was associating angels with red Donna, who I had also associated with my mother, through numbers, and some other things, and came to associate, somewhat, with a sister, through finding numbers.

We both had what looked like Cheez-it crackers on our socks, from around the person’s house, who knew her mother. Donna said her mother always has plans when she tries to see her.

13:46 is 60×13+46 =826…

106, 4.16, 4/16 I came to by this pattern:

as I arrived at the pattern by the lit portions of 7 possible segments in LCD numbers, finding that the shape then of the 4 could fit in between 2 and 3, and 2 and 3 are next to each other, and 4 next to them, and then the next possible two numbers that are next to each other are 6 and 7, and the only number that fits there, that’s left, is 1. The lit portions if these were made with the 7-segmented numbers would have to be 25. 25/6 numbers is 4.16666666, which when I did it, I associated with April 16th, remembering something vague about the date (and forget everything about it, only some), and then, very shortly after this an order that had been initially processed at a time of 02:09:25 came to me beginning at 02:27:00, and it was for a patient born on this day, of April 16th, named Geneva Cheatham. The time I figured the ~4.16 I was by a community called Syria, and I got the order then on my way back through, after dropping off my orders in Paoli, with Syria again near-by. 37- The road I was on, is 229.4 miles long. On 229 in Virginia, there is another Syria near by, I noticed. I don’t know where other communities named Syria in the U.S. are… The only things I find are information about Syrians living here.

I had first an order for 5 medications for Geneva, then 2 meds coming through in another order. The second order, I arrived there to deliver at 6:11 on a clock- the car clock in my dad’s car. 6/11 is my birthday, and is the 162nd day of the regular year. Another vehicle was there, delivering, and it had a plate number 245- those were the numbers. The 245th day of the year is September 2nd. September 2nd was a date when a string of relationships ended, for me. The names of these girls have initials of M.A.S.K., and the numbers of the names have been interesting. There is an entry for ‘mask’ that describes this more.

I drew lines from the center of the 6. There are 22 lines. 6 in Hebrew- the letter has meaning with “connection”, along with other associations. The 6th letter is F, and the Hebrew letter Vav has relationship with this letter, perhaps being a precursor. I’m not sure off hand the wording to relate them with. I may come back and edit, or leave this raw.

Hebrew has 22 letters. The lines here seem to form a shape of a person, or “angel” if one uses some imagination. Numbers 1+2+3+4+6+7 have a sum of 23, and the lines 22, which when summed is 45- the number of all numerals added. 5, 8, and 9 are missing.

V is the 22nd letter, F is the 6th letter. I met Donna 226 days after my 26th birthday. Our names, if the alphabetical placement of the letters within them are written in English, and then the F and V are found, and summed- according to F having a sum of 6, and V, 22 (or 4, if reduced), have the same sums of 64 and 136. I found this around a date of a full moon- the anniversary of our meeting by 7 years, when a girl, named Delia, from her father’s home-town, of Winchester, viewed me on a dating website. Delia is a name connected with Artemis, who was Apollo’s twin sister, and a moon goddess. Donna, I had associated with the moon, as she was born on the day of a solar eclipse. Ring eclipse.

According to this same method, with F and V, my exes full-names can have a sum of 598-together. 5, 8, and 9 are the numbers that aren’t found in the pattern of numbers that I made, and I was curious about them.

By more traditional methods of summation, I found sums of their full names to be 358, and 808. Both of these numbers have connections, by Hebrew Gematria, with “Serpent”, relating to the Brazen Serpent that Moses put on the pole/branch, or the Messiah. Their also can have sums by these more traditional methods (A summed as 1, and Z as 26, or/and, 8) that relate with my mother, as 227, and 92. 2/27 is my mother’s birthday, and was around the date (actually 2/26 of last year- 2015) that I put all six numbers together. 22/7 is an approximation of Pi. 09/02 was the day the four (MASK) ended. That was 2300 days from December 21st, 2012. On that date, I was paid 1221.52 for the work week, which was the highest sum, and is the highest sum I’ve been paid for one week, one check. On 12/21 at midnight, and 12/22 at midnight- both, I was passing through Shoals, which means Schools, in Indiana. The school in Shoals is on Ironton rd, and runs south to Ironton. There is a Jug Rock in Shoals, which is the largest table-rock formation to the east of the Mississippi. Shoals refers to fish- a school of Fish. Rock Red contacted me on OkCupid around the time I was in Shoals. 07/22 is the 203rd day of the year. 02/09 is “Extraterrestrial Culture Day”, and 209 is a number that I have associated with one, who came certainly before Marilyn, around the time of Alisha, who I forgot about, but this is a sum of her name with my last name. Her current last name is Grey. With Grey, according to the method where F and V from written alphabetical placement-numbers are summed, she has a name that has equal sums as my mother’s name. With my last name, our sums added together can total 108, and 216. I found around 2/28 of last year that her name can have a “sum”, by the more traditional method where A=1, and Z=26, of 227, if her last name, Grey, is split into Black and White, and summed that way. Another sum is 74. When I got on MySpace, the first social network that I used, my user ID was 7400227. I got it after I had awareness of her- but had forgotten, and when I got with M, who gave a “sum” of 227 total as names of exes, in one way.

I recently found that the numbers in Back to the Future, made from times at the Twin Pine, and then the Lone Pine in the alternate timeline, can relate with 209, when summed certainly, such as 1:16 as 76 minutes + 133 (a “sum” of her first and middle, from 1:33, and 76, is of Thomas), or 1:33 as 93 minutes + 116. I first found interest in these numbers, as 116 mirrored my birth-day, of 6/11, although it’s written as 11/6 in many places, and 133 I associated with her, already. 116 I saw as 1:56 (116 second or minutes is 1:56), on the weekend that I watched The Walk, made by the same director- Robert Zemeckis, on a weekend when I went to take a route to a place called Arbor Trace, which has an exit number 156. An ex, Alisha, had a full-name sum of 156, before she married a person, named Kody. The 156th prime number is 911. I met Alisha just before 9/11. Back to the Future was a favorite movie of hers- I remember her saying they were her favorites. To carry further this “translation”, or transforming of numbers, 1:33 is as 133 units of time, and that is 2:13. The 213th prime is 1303, which in ways mirrors 133. The circle in the center is of interest, because it was after he traveled through time- through a portal that that time was shown.

-Alisha had my mother’s maiden name, of Finch, and was the only one to have this name that I have met, in life, outside of family/my mother. She is also the only one of my exes to have an F, or a V, teeth-lip connection-sound in her actual name. “The Old Man of the Mothers.”

Finch, Baines-McFly (Baines has roots with a meaning of anvil, and McFly- to “black one of peace“)
Thomas (my last name), Thompson (Lea, or plays Lorraine)

Back to the Future was originally released July 3rd, 1985. July 3rd is the 184th day of a regular year. My mother’s name sum can come to 184, by standard, (A1Z26) methods.

My brain has shut off due to eating a lot of dates. Shut off, or changed gears, but I kind of want to take a nap.