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draft (too much sugar on my brain right now)

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Voice said “fuses”- what I think I hear.
Follow into a parking lot 766RAN, and one car parked to the side of the row we go in has their lights on, then puts it in reverse as I am by- 761RAN.
I ran from something (someone)- Beautiful. An art teacher. And heard something on the radio about a fallen angel named Lucifer.

Ran-follow. Fallow. F-Allow. Fall ow. Ouch.

I was going to buy hemp (cannabis sativa) seed oil.

As I leave, I see a car pull in. I pay attention, and read numbers 3589. I recognize this. 589 together, and 3, as something, sometimes I think in reference to the three. 589- numbers can be found in the movie, The Walk, also. They are the numbers that aren’t found in a pattern that I discovered (for myself- not that it wasn’t already discovered), back around February of last year, and have found reflected in my life other places. I went back to check the letters on this car. BY. On the way, in alignment, 173BEE. Also before I left the first time 733LVT came by. This also holds some resonance in my mind… I sounded LVT as “live it”. Bee, my identity? We struggle. We crave identity, and to identify- to find. This can be dangerous. I had thought to “just be”.

Next place, buy dates- take a chance with a new brand. These are “Halawi” dates, which in Arabic, is said to mean “sweet”.

Next place, I park next to a vehicle that just parked before me- a Tesla. Orange bag- a man gets out of the trunk. I consider how I am wasteful, and keep forgetting my reusable stuff. Inside, I buy water, toilet paper, and paper-towels. The water I buy is Acqua Panna, in a glass bottle, and metal cap. It’s the only bottled water that I tolerate- that I’ve found, without reactions (and prefer not to drink tap water, even filtered, as it still contains fluoride except with very expensive filtration, and I don’t want to drink neurotoxic stuff, if I can have a choice not to). I buy all of it. I consider to leave some for another person, but decide to be selfish. I doubt they are as sensitive, as me (all bottled water, pretty much, is contaminated). Charge here $20.03.

The day started with a flat tire. I was going to an interview, for a second job. A man from Hannah’s towing came to tow the car- as the car that I was using didn’t have a four way iron to gain the proper leverage to get the bolts off– they were put on with an air-wrench thing. The man’s name was Brian. He didn’t charge me for anything, which was a good break. Drove to the tire shop, 113 were the first numbers I read, pulling in- first car in first space. I parked next to it. 113 is a number that has, although I haven’t personally confirmed, been associated with sacrifice ( and my life, certainly- at least I’ve come to the number at a certain time associated with someone with the last name- Price). At the tire shop I decided to walk to the Mexican Grocery the next lot over. I opened the door for an approaching person, and went inside. Took one round through, walked back out, and held the door open for another person, walking out with a cart. A red-colored Fusion was parked there at he entrance with numbers 689 on it’s plate, or 986- something two WWs and another letter- that I can’t remember. These numbers I relate with 23, as they sum to it, but are unique among numerals also- in that they always connect back to themselves (and are circular). Walking back to the tire store for a moment, I walk by an old work-place, of Dominos, where I worked with a lot of Russians, and former soviet-state peoples. I see a guy getting into a car as I walk by this time- the numbers are 156. USZ- numbers, possibly. S and Z for sure, somewhere.156, as I found recently, as the 156th prime number, is 911. 113 I associated with one who I met just before going to work at this place, whose name I only found- again, as a connection, to this point (she as second out of family, ’113′ as first) with a woman who worked there-the only woman driver at the time, and only woman of certain age, and who had my mother’s middle name (a first to find), and my sister’s birth-day. The only other female was Raven, who was young, and an in-shop worker. An English-major-ing girl would come back at some point. I first used her lock-box to keep my money in for the shift. Her name was Xiamarra. XiXi (pronounced Key Key/Key-Ah-Mar-Ah). I eventually moved into the center lock-box, and Dustin (Dye) jokingly put the number 23 as my name on there. Donna’s (who shared name with Donna-113) lock box was over top of mine, and her lock was big. I couldn’t close my box without moving it. I found it symbolic, somewhat, as I couldn’t get the other Donna out of my mind, who also has/had resonance with my mother, via number, and sister, as I’ve found- more, recently.

Then I decided to go to the liquor store, to keep warm. The tire shop had scents. I wanted to minimize my time there, which is why I was walking to these other places. When I left the liquor store, I saw a car backing out of a space with numbers 327, which I recently found associated the the first person in space- Yuri Gagarin, who died on 3/27. From Russia. He died in a crash. Only today I realized how many disasters relating to the U.S. space program happened around this time, in this time that I met Donna- who was born on a day of a solar eclipse, and this year at the day I met her, 7 years after, the moon was full, and before I met her, 7 years about, her father- who was a pilot, and engineer, died. I had compared, unconsciously, my navigating the path around then, as like being like a pilot, or astronaut, and missing the mark, and crashing, or something. But that it was meant to happen. Today was an anniversary of the Challenger disaster. Yesterday was the date-anniversary of the Apollo 1 disaster. February 1st is Columbia. This is pretty much the period of time I messed up- with her. Challenger happened because of an O-ring. When she was born, the eclipse was an annular (ring) type that day. Tire. Pi, as written about in my previous post- last night (this morning) as the birth-day of a patient as 3/14, and 3:14 the time out of my last route-delivery.