Flying J- Shower

Flying J- Shower.

No shower since early Monday morning at about 2 A.M.

Earlier Wednesday (yesterday-”today” for me) read about the first man in space, a Russian named Yuri Gagarin, as it was the anniversary of the Apollo 1 launch and accident, and I wanted to read more into the history of manned space-flight. On the route that I do I pass through/by the birth-city of one of the astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 accident- Gus Grissom. Mitchell, IN.

But I read about Yuri, and became engaged. I resonated with that he died in an accident on 3/27, and that I live in 327, and my lease is going to be up on 3/27, and how I climb in and out of my window (ha), like this is a capsule. I can’t use my door because I seal it off to not breath the atmosphere in the common hall, which is toxic. I also resonated with that “Rushville” is on the side of my home-town that I lived on.

In Flying J an American female asked another- Russian I think, if she was going to go see her Babushka, and if they were flying. This is the first that I’ve heard Russian in awhile.

I got out of the shower, and when I looked at my phone it was 6:00.
In my car, it was 6:11, which is my birth-date. The first word on the radio was “shower”- a weather report. U2 began to play, “see the stone set in your eye”.

When I entered the interstate, I settled in behind a Citizens Energy vehicle with “Suez” written on it. Like Suez Canal.

At some point, a song that was playing said something of “dreams”, and I saw 611 again.

At my last stop on my route, earlier, I got in the car and the time in it was 3:14. I dismissed it. Then I got a message from John a few minutes after, asking me if I would pick up an extra order on my way back. It would require me to wait, but there’s really nobody else to do it, and I can use the money. This patient was born 3/14.

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