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I’m wearing different clothes

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

I went to Whole Foods, and I saw Jozie at a register when I walked in. When I made it to the check-outs, the register that I thought she was at had glass broken, fluid around, and balding-yet hairy guy was picking it up.

I see her at the register I go to then, in the other lane-her back to me, and see she has a cart. I see milk, and bananas. That’s what I can recall. Fluid.

She didn’t see me today. Usually she seems to spot me from far away. I had a different jacket on, and a different hat. She took items she had gotten, pushing them in a cart toward the information register and desk, to check out, while I checked out. Devin processed my order. Before, she said “Looking for Alaska”, telling the people before me a book she was reading, I think.

As I walked out the door, I made myself open to say hi to Jozie, if she saw me. I don’t like to disturb people though just to say hi (but I kind of like when people disturb me to say hi). I’m shy like that. As I walked by her she started to turn, but didn’t really recognize me and turned back away, putting eggs in a bag.

Maybe it was this black jacket, that doesn’t fit right. She seemed to look at it, and didn’t look at my face.

Outside, a woman pulled away as I walked out. I read 139 on her plate. This is a number that I’ve come to recently, in a number of places, in the movie The Walk, my weight after writing about it, after reading the commandment of God- as “Love”, and as a code to enter a facility in Anderson on a route that I did, where the other two facilities are both 234.

Plastic blows to me, a container. It startles me somewhat. A man walks my direction. He wears headphones, and when he walks by, I hear “make a scene” (don’t?).