Letters in names- of ex girlfriends, by methods of gematria common to this alphabet, sum


Marilyn Marie Duellman 220 and/or 94

Alisha Brooke Finch 156 and/or 84

Sara Nicole Sterling 201 and/or 84

Kathryn Brooke Calhoon 231 and/or 96


The four summed could come to 808, and/or 358.


Although systems of gematria differ,


The number 358

may also be a sum equal to “messiah“,

or a meaning of “serpent” (as Nachash).


The number 808

may also be related (Brazen Serpent/Nechushtan, The Faith, …).


These are among other possible meanings, or ways of looking at things/interpreting (if one chooses).

-358 divided by 4 is 89.5. These numbers (895) I recently found to be “not included” in a pattern of numbers that I found, first by observing that in the space between a 2 and a 3 in this format, a 4-form could fit. In this format, all numbers can be made with a common-simple form. I saw it first while driving my dad’s car, the first night perhaps that it was loaned to me, when he was repairing mine as a Christmas gift, i think. It was 23 degrees at my furthest stop away, and I just had made friends on Facebook with a guy named David that I used to be in a group with 7 years before- about the number 23, so I shared it with him- tagging him in an original image with it. This one is cropped, flipped– A screenshot of that one.

Then I added to it, as systematically as I could. It was because someone challenged me. The next two numbers (already together) that could fit another number would be 6 and 7, and they would fit a 1 on it’s side, like 2 and 3, a 4. In total, these numbers also sum to 23 (2+4+3+6+1+7).

Then recently I decided to draw lines from the center of the 6 (an enclosure) to the points of the numbers. There are 22 lines. If the numbers here sum to 23, and lines 22, if counted together, these can be 45- which is the sum of numerals 1 through 9. 22 is also the number of letters in the Hebrew aleph-bet. And human DNA has 22 autosome pairs, with 1 sex chromosome pair – XX or XY. This image then turned seems to show a form that I have seen to look a bit like an ‘angel’ (or valkyrie).

I plan to make it better — This is a photograph of something on paper, hence the warped top. But, I also accepted it, or try to, for that reason. My nose is crooked. Life is round (trying to make this fit …).

After I made this image, I began seeing the numbers 589 around, in ways, also. Only recently-yesterday, did I connect the number to my exes, as I see other patterns with them (MASK).


-808 divided by 4 is 202- Which I first associate as the current height in courses of the Great Pyramid of Cairo, which I’ve attempted to use as a kind of guidestone. Perhaps it’s my ego. Or just that it’s huge, and old, and mysterious. That, and for my fascination/curiousity with the number, 23 – That I’ve been present/presented with certainly, and the fact that the great pyramid, minus a capstone- of which there’s no recorded knowledge about, was 203 courses (steps) high. I’ve postulated that it is simply “0″. And, that the 0 in 203 is also something. Perhaps it (and others) was a message (also) intended to be read at a future point, and the people constructing it didn’t quite know. A system of ’23′ can be found in this pyramid, also. . .

202 might also relate with 22.


Stepping back, informally-







-Kathryn is called Katie.


In this form, sums may come to

92 and/or 38 for Marilyn

50 and/or 23 for Alisha

39 and/or 12 for Sara

46 and/or 19 for Katie

summing to

227, and (or or, ha) 92

Earlier, I wrote them in this form, and I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, at t his time. I’d never just watched the show- I always just saw it on, but had another target. But I felt I needed a laugh earlier, so I chose what Netflix recommended at the top. Anyways, at the time that I wrote it, Charlie had answered the door to his apartment, and the camera had 227 in frame- pointing across the hall.

-2/27 is my mother’s birthday, as February 27th. as i found it related to my mom, i also found that the average, by an even number (from 92), of 23, is held only by Alisha- who had her maiden name- Finch. Nachash, as the full sums found relation tohas been called-by a person named Suares, “The Old Man of the Mothers”.

-22/7 is an approximation of Pi.


Also (stepping back a bit) while watching It’s Always Sunny I found a funny video in a search of the “meaning of 808″. In it, there is a part where the presenter lands on the name Reynolds, which at the time, didn’t hit– Not until a couple of episodes later when two of the characters’s father first showed up, and I realized that 2 of the 4 original/3 of the 5 main characters of the show have this last name.


As for 92, I may relate this with 92-the naturally occurring elements.

9/2 is the date that the last relationship ended (2006).


*I feel I must add that ‘MASK’ is backwards. I was with Katie first.

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