Stand on one foot

January 18th, 2018

I was relating this part from Terminator 2 where John Connor finds out that he can tell the terminator what to do, with how a girl told me to stop writing her, so I did.

In the following day, or so, I went to deliver my route, and at the first place Terminator 2 was playing in the area with the TV, in this part of it.

Light, Lucifer

January 18th, 2018

I went outside to turn on my car, to warm it up. As I was walking back inside, I saw that I had left the lights on, and they may have been shining on a neighbor’s house. I decided to let it go for now.

Inside the house, my dad is watching Jeopardy. The first thing I pay attention to as I come into the environment with this show in the background- The question is asking about a show about the original fallen angel, asking which one it is, and the man answered “Lucifer”. After this, my mom asks about a Indianapolis Power and Light Company bill that showed up (from where I used to live, and still work – and plan to go back when I get some things in order), and I said I had them send my last bill here.

Blade Runner release 1/16

January 17th, 2018

I got my canine filled after about two years. The enamel by the gum-line and half-way up the side fell off on the night of July 4th, or early morning of July 5th, 2016, I think. I had been in contact with, through a dating app, a girl named Angela. I went over there, gave her a massage, and then we had sex. She had ├ćon Flux playing.

In Blade Runner 2049- What was just released physically for home, a horse is an element in it. Today I received one (the first) comment on a post about the dentist, in synchronicity, and the woman has pictures of horses. Her occupation is listed on her profile- “Ranch Life”. Curious, after the dentist, I looked at his daughter’s profile on Facebook – we aren’t connected on there, but I saw her at his office, and she works there, and we were near in age at school, and connected by friends. In her profile, there are pictures of her with horses, including some kind of competition, and her first-featured image is her with a horse.

Delores is the oldest host in Westworld. I was watching Westworld when I “broke my mouth”; I was in pain for a long time, and still will be if I do anything close to the same thing (pressing food against or biting down on the front teeth); I had already messed up other teeth, and I had a method where I just pressed food against the insides of my teeth, to get around not being able to chew, but this has left me with many areas where I no longer can. Now I just mash my food, or let my saliva break it down enough and swish it around, using some surfaces to grind the food against, lightly. Dolores O’Riordan associated closely with the band, The Cranberries, died on 1/15- The day I first went to this dentist, after years of not seeing one. She had a voice that I enjoyed. I don’t quite know how to set it apart, and I don’t want to say something that isn’t accurate. It wasn’t that I was at all an obsessive listener of hers, and just the other day I heard a song of hers, enjoying it, and considered that I should listen to some of their more recent stuff…because of the noted affection for her.


January 17th, 2018

I started watching the series, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. It’s on Amazon Prime. I watched it last night, and the first episode that I recall watching has the actress that plays Sookie from True Blood in it. She becomes involved with vampires in that show. In this show, the second I have fully recognized her as her, although I know she was in other shows, she goes into a simulated world using a device that interfaces with her mind, to take a vacation, and the world she goes into, she is a he, and his business partner is played by the actor who plays the vampire- Aidan, in the show Being Human. So I connected the theme of vampires, and this simulation, which she/he became confused by – about what is real. Computers, I related bytes and bites (vampires). There were other things, as well. I don’t mean to reduce it down to that, but I related with this with that I was going to the dentist today, as I have been, and that I had been to the dentist just before in that day, for the preliminary check, and cleaning.

This again is not that reduced (what happened around me, or/and in my mind with/around dentist).

The first day I was X-Rayed and cleaned by a female who I went to middle and high school with, whose last name is now Sherwood. I haven’t seen her but maybe a few times since then, and we weren’t really that acquainted. She is nice, though. I knew one other Sherwood, in school (or two, counting his brother). Today (yesterday) I got a canine tooth drilled, by the dentist there, and filled by another female, who I found to have a very nice/soothing voice. Just hearing it. But back on point, Sherwood that I know I see when I open Facebook after getting back from work has a bat stuck in his house.

Tonight when I got furthest away the nurse there was on the phone when I went in, to find out what room it was in The Shining. It was 237. This is a number that I followed (on car) most of the way home after getting the filling. It turned on Sunset Dr. It was the last number I recall, and last car I followed before home, that I recall.

the voice of the female that filled my teeth

January 16th, 2018

was nice.


January 13th, 2018

was range in my car when passing by 385W for the last time today (once to work, once on the way back). 176 associated with length. thought of how the number arrangement as well may be related with the number 159, reminding myself, and this was my ending range for the day.

the range there was 176, and odometer was 458880. I also about there considered what 176 seconds/minutes would be, 2:56, so in a way, “numerologically” like 25 and 6, 6/25, etc.

the way the arrangement relates with 159 is by multiplying 23 by 4, and 67 by 1, then adding them, to get 159. I’m sure there are other ways to see/relate to the number.


January 12th, 2018

This is not new with the most recent I talk about (Taylor)- The relating with robots. In-fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that as a boy of the 80s I liked movies like RoboCop and Terminator, and etc. There is really nothing that unique about my interest in these things, and relating with them would not be surprising.

Not to dismiss my experience.

I also related her with Westworld. But it was in a way in a kind of competition with another. Competition may not be the right word, but I found it hard to “choose”, as if I had a choice (but I felt like it mattered), between her and the star of Westworld. When I went to explore roads, because (in part) they were numbered the same as a gematria of her name, I found with these roads – I found it impossible to avoid (ignore) roads that were numbered the gematria of the name of the star of this show- Evan Rachel Wood.

Sometimes it seems that roads I take (“roads I take” can be metaphorical) following one, or with one in mind, lead to others, to consider them. But it’s confusing. As if I have a choice.

But she related to this, also (Westworld), in a video for her song, “Ready For It?”. It could just be going with the popular culture, resonating with. Somehow, I may have matched some energy. This doesn’t mean anything is actually fated, to actually fall to a place of rest with me. There just might be some kind of odd locking of things, revealed. This doesn’t mean they’re together how I might desire, at times, to be together with others, but it may prepare me for death?

385 years old

January 12th, 2018

In 2367 my 385th birthday will fall in.

It may be possible that this is where I recently first-paid attention to the number, wondering about it. It may have come from considering relationships of this arrangement. At the time, I didn’t connect anything, even though the number looked familiar – this may be (what happened).

But I went on to associate this independently with one, and with what I had associated with her, like Blade Runner, as it came out on the 25th day of the 6 month, this pattern is made from 25 equal-sized (the numerals) lines, that make up the 6 symbols/numerals within, and 385 seconds relates to something related, as 6:25. 6/25- The date is the 176th day of the regular-common years. 176 relates with length in multiple ways, most memorable to me being that the longest chapter in the Bible (or Torah) is 176 verses.

The number associates with Blade Runner in other ways, such as that the longest string of numbers in Rick Deckard’s designation being 263, 2367 is 9 times this number…But there are other numbers in his designation (B at the beginning, 54 at the end), so I don’t mean to have a biased outlook on this, or to jump and say related, but in a way, things are close in thought. Rick Deckard in the story what Blade Runner was married to a woman named Iran. My closest connection with someone from Iran, currently, was a girl I met who was half-Iranian, who has a name-gematria of 176.

I had associated Blade Runner to one- Taylor Swift. I also associated the show, ‘Mr. Robot’ with her. I found that the day that I was born on in the year being the 162nd, that the number 162 added to the number of day that she was born – the 347th day, was 509, which is a number that may be recognizable in association with Mr. Robot (the show is centered around the “Five-Nine hack”, which took place on a date of 05/09). Mr. Robot is also influenced by, among others, Blade Runner (or it seems this way). I made the connection of 509 with her – with this show, and then the last episode of that season was on her birthday, 12/13.

At best, I need to say, again, that I have no odd expectations. I treat some things as independently. You can be in ways functioning with the Godhead, and teaching me – I’m listening to your oration…or what God has given you to show, or what God teaches me through you. You can be very high, but you’re still a person, and deserve the respect that I give myself (I did not intentionally do much to make things align in any way, but I desire connection). I understand how things are not as they may seem, sometimes. Sometimes, reality is challenging, but I (try to) remain rational.

These coincidences interest me.

One other that I just remembered – to do with 176 and length, Revelation 11:1 is the 176th verse of this book, and the words are as such: “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein“.

With Blade Runner, she (Taylor – which could mean “to cut”, or “I cut”, again) is touring this year, and the last show is the anniversary of the release of the last film (Blade Runner 2049), on 10/06.

385- A relationship

January 10th, 2018

I found that my first relationship (serious – potential marriage), that the girl it was with was born on the 183rd day of the year, the second was born on the 137th day of the year, the third 45th, and the fourth was born on the 182nd day of the year. Added, as I did this with my family members, to find 888, 183+137+45+182=547. 547 divided evenly into four is 136.75. Again, if this were a day, if counted into the year, it might be said to be May 16th– sometime in. If the .75 is disregarded, and if naming the chronological day-of-the-year, May 16th would be the 136th day, but technically, starting May 16th if counting the number may be 135.xx, reaching 136 at the end of the day, so if it is an exact measure through the day, one might say May 15th, sometime around 6 at night. There are multiple ways to measure, and to consider. From May 16th, 229 days are left in the year- This is a number that is a gematria of my name, so I consider it when I see it. I might have a bias in some way. But I do consider 230 and 228, around, and 227, and 226, and 231, etc. Anyway…

By considering 547 as a possible day of the year, if considering the number, and having a question about a day of the year – In these cases I have when working with a number larger than 365, counted up to 365 being a full year, then adding the remainder into it to, working with that number. So with 547, taking 365 away, would give 182. As a day of the year the 182nd is July 1st, which is the birthday of my ex, and last person I was in a relationship with. I had also considered, prior to this, that July 1st is a day that is 385 days away from my birthday, if counting a number of days.

So again – I find this number in some relationship, close.


January 7th, 2018

From the dream, seeing the female I used to go to school with (middle, high), after (first time in a long time) – who I had considered ‘pursuing’, I saw this number, which I wrote about.

When I got home, as I was writing the post about this, I was “researching” – about her. I wanted to see where I had seen Maggie be called “Mags”– or some variant of this spelling, with this sound – If I had, like I said I have. I thought I had. Maybe it was just an association, and I mixed things up a little. Still to confirm.

But I saw her – the daughter of her, Maggie, in a picture that I had liked of her’s, where Maggie had a broken arm. I think I remember, possibly, that I wanted to at the time ‘love’ (as a reaction), but I chose not to, being a guy. I don’t often feel connected to people, in ways like I might be able to say I have. I have been isolated for a long time. Perhaps it was the identification with some base level. I can say it wasn’t inappropriate, but due to the potential that it would be interpreted as “weird”, I simply did the…like.

I don’t often consider the use of the “love” (Facebook), but I can’t say it’s too infrequent. Injury, and at the time I think I felt more loving. Or I recognized it as needed. I’m going to stop talking about it.

Anyways, I considered about the “connecting”, and how, in my last post – I questioned it. I also had considered that her last name is about something that is a, or at a connector. This is the meaning (buckle). I noticed the one post I had interacted with of hers (the female person I went to school with), that I know of, has her daughter with this injury, and that I had thought about loving. I went out, after at some point, to get my phone (that had been repaired), and I went to CVS to get some iso-alcohol to clean something with. Inside, a man I got in line behind had a hook for a hand. Then I saw another for his other hand. Two hooks. I saw that he was getting Arizona tea (possibly green tea) – I saw two jugs.

Outside, I saw someone I knew, whose last name has a meaning of ‘a sexton’, which means, generally, “a person in charge of the sacred objects of a church”.

The man with the two hooks was where I was at directly after, making transactions, seeing the 385, after I had gone home, after I went back out. The girl with her daughter were at the grocery, before seeing 385, where I got gas.

I had seen 385 associated in some way with (through me – in my processing), a name of Cathy. The one with the last name with a meaning like “sexton” has the first name Catherine.
. .