February 16th, 2018

I don’t know what I’m allergic to, but it is something. I have a hive on my arm. It may be one of the spices. It could be grape seed extract (grapes). It could be Acacia.

When I took grape seed extract both last night and the night before I noticed irritation that could have been allergic. Last night I broke the capsule apart in my mouth and allowed myself to taste the material, and then struggled with a feeling in my throat that I get with allergic reactions. So it might be that.


February 9th, 2018

I wrote this word the other night. It’s not a word I often write. The frequency that I write the word may be less than one time a year. I don’t know.

I wrote it, then left for work, and when I came back home after work I saw a news story where Freemasons complained they were being stigmatized. The way I used the word was in question of what some malevolent influence might be. I am not one to accuse “freemasons”, as I rarely use the word, but I have caught onto accusations others have made, so although I don’t subscribe to the belief of anything going on, sometimes I question things.

I did not consider that Isis means “throne”

February 9th, 2018

This goes with ’385′, sitting, ground, feet…

Isis, Card

February 9th, 2018

I went to the grocery. At the register I looked where they usually kept CDs, and saw there were Valentines Day cards there. The rack was mostly empty. There used to be among other CDs Taylor Swift’s reputation CD, and may have been in other lanes, but I looked there expecting to see this, then saw the cards. Very shortly after I was reading the fronts of the cards, or looking at them, Isis- Someone I have related with – with thoughts of Taylor Swift, walked up from my left, and went to the woman in line, to my right, with a price confirmation of sorts. I have never seen Isis at this store, but I know of her; She works at another store, and her mother works at this one. I’m attracted to her. I’ve seen her in certain synchronicity.

I also associated Taylor with Isis, in mythology, at one time, and found resonance with this. The last time I was looking at cards, before this, I looked at the one with the peacock, finding it attractive/eye-catching (Taylor said “peacock”, a day after, as I wrote of). I didn’t get it because I didn’t think it fit the situation, in part. But I was attracted to the coloring. Then this time they were the place I had seen her album (as I don’t go to record/music stores, or spend time in non-grocery stores much), these Papyrus cards, thoughts of her, then Isis. I haven’t seen Isis in a long time. I don’t go to this store as often, anymore, as it’s not economical for me to go every day like I used to, and again – she is usually at another store.

The woman Isis went to was Asian (east), and perhaps Chinese- I don’t know. On her jacket there was I think an M in a circle and I saw a name written of Michael at the top of this circle. She spoke with a very noticeable accent.

Outside of the store, I saw another female who I have seen a number of times – in certain timing. She is of mixed East Asian / ‘White’ descent. She often smiles at me when we make eye-contact, or visual of each other. She worked at a store I worked at years ago, after I did, and I just tend to see her around as she frequents the same groceries, as they are the ones that have more healthy options + supplements and other things, more concentrated. I have considered approaching her, as sometimes it’s as if fate puts us in alignment.

The license plate on her car, which was parked next to mine, was very bent up. I wrote that because I considered the “tail”.


February 8th, 2018

Shuck seems to be connected with other meanings, such as “husking”, or removal of a covering.

Another meaning for the word seems to be “devil”, or “fiend”. But – it is related to shoes, as well (being a possible name of a shoe-maker or shoe-repair person).

A removal of a covering, my strongest memories of her involve taking her clothes off, or getting her (the one with the last name- Shuck) to be more naked. She also wore a layer of make-up on her face, that was a layer…

Quite honestly, I had bad conduct with her, or I conducted myself wrong, with her. In hindsight, I wasn’t really that attracted to her, and was using her, opportunistically, because she liked me. But one of the main reasons I wasn’t that attracted to her was the “cake” of make-up that she wore. So I am relating with removal of covers, and my memory of her, being covered, and my “uncovering” her.

As I in my previous post related this name, Shuck, with a bottom, as other Crystals that I knew had names relating to “bottoms” (gravity, a rock falls, apple-Newton, apple-bottom), I remember being pressed up against her “back”, my down-there parts against her bottom. She was uncomfortable with this. The reason was that we were at the time in my parents home, I think, and that she could tell that I wasn’t serious about her, in a way that would give a green light to this kind of activity (intimate, with trust). She was frequently open to this, and I just basically treated her without care, using her as sort of sex-object, at best. Again, this, I now see, was bad. And frankly she would probably make a good partner (and, she liked me). But again, it was hard to see through the layer of make-up. Again, this actually disgusted me, turning me off to her. Not to blame it on it, but it didn’t help.


Now her last name is Bender. Assume the position (ha-Not very funny)? Too easy (not enough?)? Bending of meanings? Ben…?

Relating with the meanings of “devil”, and “fiend”, perhaps I may relate my experience with her: She is the one person from church that I dated, and was naked with. Shuck, to remove a cover? Devilish, fiendish– my behavior with her (not that I ever forced myself onto her, but she did verbally or by her cues, wasn’t really wanting it, the one night, but I disregarded it, like desperate young-male might, or even adult male that hasn’t learned? She did pull over once, after we went to see a movie, and we almost had sex in her car right there– we used our genitals on each others, doing that, but never any penetration…she initiated this, more than I remember doing so, or she pulled over and “parked”…but perhaps my leaving that after the way I did, not talking to her, as I treated her with disregard, made her see that I wasn’t really interested in her for the right reasons…so it was perhaps confusing to her, and I, a guy, was just happy to “spread my semen around/in females”-Not that I really wanted the responsibility of the potential outcome, and not to intend to be crude).


February 8th, 2018

I went to deliver some jeans from my mom to my niece, while on my route the other night. It would have been Tuesday morning, early A.M. I stopped at a CVS first to find a card to give her from myself, to put about 30-40 bucks inside as it was her 18th birthday, and I didn’t get her something last year (usually just give her a gift card from Target in the amount of about 20 bucks or so). My sister lives on (or off of) Taylor Road – So of course, my mind had a pre-focus on the Taylor that is the celebrity/star (of course, because it has in the past experienced interest in).

In the store, I found a card that said “85 Wonderful Years”, or something like this. I thought this was funny. I couldn’t find another card. I considered giving her 35 dollars, and looking at this card, I noticed that with 85, 35, a number of 385 – that I found through Swift, could be made with the numerals (if only one 5 is used…). These were just thoughts.

I didn’t know what to choose. I looked at another card. It had a peacock on it, and was of the brand Papyrus. It was perhaps the most eye-catching of all the cards I looked at. I found the look of these Papyrus cards to be somewhat appealing, for cards. But there are things I don’t care for, and generally don’t like having to give cards… But the peacock stood out. It is perhaps one of the most memorable of the cards I looked at, except the “85 Wonderful Years”, which I bought.

At the grocery after this, I noticed that the range on my car was at 385, and the odometer had a reverse of this as the ending three numbers.

Taylor Swift’s next Instagram post, she playfully accuses Ed Sheeran of “Peacocking”. The last “peacock” I had focused on was the card, that was eye-catching. I first saw 385 on a card of hers. My sister around that time (when I saw “385″ on her designed card) began displaying cards for American Greetings- The company that Taylor’s card was with.

Her post just prior to this was of her cat, with its leg up in the air. She, perhaps unconsciously, mirrors this action in her new post (with Sheeran), in a way, lifting her feet up saying “look what I did for you”, showing that she is not wearing heels, but flat-soled sneakers. The cat would have been lifting the leg up as it was – she said in play, something to the effect of “stretching for choreography…”, but what the cat was actually doing was cleaning itself / it’s bum. This, I sought meaning in, as I do, relating with the fact that I had just called, somewhat affectionately, although a little disgusted, my parents’s cat, Chester, “poopie-butt”. Coincidental, but it stood out, her posting the image as she did, right after.

385- The number, in Gematria, also relates to another name for the 10th Sephirot, Malkut (I forget this other name at the moment). This sephirot corresponds to the anus, or the foot. Things that touch the ground…like when you sit, your anus (not really meant to be funny, but it’s forgivable, haha) touches the ground, or when you stand, the bottom of your foot touches the ground. She implies a butt (the cat) (and her name is “Tail”-or, and she was in the news recently for someone grabbing her ass…?), then shows herself being “geographically” -on the ‘bottom’, compared to Ed, also pointing this out that he puts himself higher than her. Hmm… And the bottom of her foot up, in a way mirroring the last picture of her cat with it’s leg up (with a word of choreographed/choreography…so was this intentional?).

I had also, or have also – been thinking about the other Crystal that I knew, in recent days. She has a last name that may mean a maker of shoes. There had been synchronicity, which led to my looking at Crystals in my life; One Crystal was Bottomley. I always thought of the “bottom” when hearing her name, relating crystals, with her bottom. This was the only “Bottom-” name. She probably also didn’t have a bad looking bum. Another was Newton. Another was Allen, which means “rock”. Newton has connections with “gravity”, with Isaac Newton’s ‘discovery’ of it, when the apple fell from a tree. A rock falls, and an “apple” has many meanings, but with context of other “bottom”-things, that were in focus (including an ex-porn star that I found to now be a physicist-scientist studying nano-crystallography, her name being DaVinci as a porn-star, and last name Ringe in life; As a porn-star she did a lot of anal-sex scenes, and around this time, a painting went after I wrote about synchronicity with paint, for a record price, that was claimed to be a work of Leonardo DaVinci, of Jesus, wherein he holds a crystal sphere…), I related apple with “apple-bottom”, a reference to the shape of an a hind-end. Newton, gravity (down, bottom)…Allen as “rock”, gravity. One of the Crystals, Newton, also took the last name, Allen. So there were two Allens (rock, and Newton was one..), one Bottomley, and the other with the name that means a “maker of shoes”, Shuck, was the only girl from my church that I went on some dates with.

But I was thinking about a way to bring up the information about ‘Shuck’ – I didn’t know how to bring it up, as where I wrote about the synchronicity was in a group, that I am trying to lay a little more low in now-currently, as I have been way too present there. I don’t want to take it over, and be every other post…

There is also some laziness, why I didn’t approach it yet.

But anyways. As I begin to write these things, I doubt that the connection is much of anything, if anything that sounds coherent, or like I might want it to sound. But now that I have written about it, it does seem that at the very least, things are not not “related”, and the timing was in-fact around/with, my thoughts and these things, with her. My thoughts did come very near.

I don’t know this person, and I struggle to ground myself. I also don’t really suppose that is is much of anything. It isn’t like I don’t experience synchronicity with others, or haven’t. It doesn’t really have to be anything. I have no expectations of her, or others, or of this synchronicity to mean or show me anything other than what it may show me, or what I may perceive of it. I don’t, again, consider that there is some fate for me that lies with her. Observation is okay. I may have a kind of lens, or be able to use things like lenses. It is hard to explain, as people have “warned” me about this going “nowhere”, that I don’t really expect it go anywhere, how they might think I do; I don’t expect to meet and fall in love with and marry Taylor Swift…Or Emilie Ringe (former “adult-film” star) (or that there is some conclusion that I expect of this, or that I am hinging on somehow, or chasing), although it’s entertaining to fantasize at times, and perhaps I wouldn’t think about them unless I was attracted to them. But again, nothing can be expected. I don’t even know how things “seem”, let alone what they actually are.

Sometimes I like when I am wrong

February 7th, 2018

especially about the strength and things, of other peoples in the world. Some might see my race-ism as something that is fearful of the other – as in I am afraid that they are going to actually be equal to us, but it is more that because of the dynamics of things, that the mash-up of us in this system that is inarguably western-dominant, is not going to be fair, and will ask people that would be better off without some, to sometimes sacrifice their entire way of life for them. That these others will benefit from, but won’t benefit immediately the population that hosts them– white populations in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. That there will be double standards. I don’t like how every advertisement that I see advocates for mixing of races, and dissolution of identity. I know we aren’t equal. Fuck, The Thomases and the Smiths are not equal. And generally people with an I.Q. of 137 don’t want to breed with people with an I.Q. of 97, and in normal systems, there wouldn’t be such a pressure for this to occur, because I.Q. 137 people would probably be closer to more people with I.Q.s of 110+, but now, they’re around a lot more people with I.Q.s of 90-, sometimes, due to the artificial, government-state supported, stuff…

There are no doubt issues, and I am admittedly very ignorant, and should probably not talk about it so much.

But I said something last night that I was wrong about. I made a high claim that one can’t really compare what these people get by being involved with and living in “white” societies, with what they give to the “white” societies. I guess I still agree with this. I mean yes, it’s true that many things that found certain ‘perfected’ form did occur in Europe or the United States, by white, European descended people, but it’s also true that many things began outside of Europe. Yes, I know this. Europe wasn’t that isolated. Gunpowder came from China. Language has roots, like words from Sanskrit, and like the word, State, is the same as -stan words, which means “land”. One can argue that the lines are much more blurry, and that Europe didn’t have all of it’s own ideas. But the distinction does still matter, that I made. Currently, and in the past many many years, the amount of things that Europeans use in every-day life, or that have made their lives what they are today, is far greater than anything that other groups are contributing, or have contributed.

I saw a man, he was from the United States – he was black and Native American, and he is credited to have created a design that went on to become the gas masks used in World War I. This stood out. This stood out because I use something that was inspired by this, to protect myself against certain “gases” that make me sick. I was glad to be proven wrong. I know there are many other inventions made by others, but again, I have to again claim that the net-benefit of these others, on Europeans, compared to the net-benefit of European ways of life and freedom of others, cannot be compared.

I also need to say that I am not claiming responsibility, or that any of these are MY accomplishments, but I am intimately, with/within, the natural system that would form in the environments where these things came from, and hence, I have a less troubled “identity” with these things. There is a history. As troubled as identity is, really, or even if it is not so accurate for me to identify, in some ideas, with these people, it’s still real that I do. It’s still real, that other people will have a harder time identifying. My language, including basic body language and mannerisms, are more intimately connected to these peoples, these creators’s behaviors. If I had a daughter, one of them might want to marry her, where this would be less likely, with another group’s daughter. There is just a general ease and non-complicated-ness of interaction, that is real, among European, or Western Europeans, at least now, as compared to others. Certainly, if a German father was given a choice to pick a 100 square mile area for his daughter to find her a husband, this German father would likely pick some area in Europe, maybe Germany — Not Africa. He could trust this husband, more likely. This husband would already have the programming needed/expected. He wouldn’t try to take his daughter to whatever place, with less civilization. His daughter, and his genes, would be protected. I would like the same, for my daughter. I wouldn’t want her to, for instance, marry someone outside of our race, and then their children, marrying further, likely, into that race, and having a pull to identify with them more, due to the fact that they differ from a majority (if they were to live around us, or if they moved ‘there’, she’d be “lost” to them).

Sometimes, I believe the majority needs to be challenged. I also consider that in a way, the idea of Whiteness (that is perceived as white today) depends on our ability to perceive the outside-world (all other people in the world outside Eurasia) as we do. Most people before airplanes and cars and trains and things probably hardly ever saw radically different looking people. To the English, Irish may have been “black”, and one could, if you were neighbors with these people, probably distinguish by the way they look, alone. But now we have this contrast, given to us by this information that is available, where we are aware of the world on a level that we have never been before, and the amount of people. This contrast, and this perspective, is in good part responsible for our ability to in a way much greater identify with those much closer to us. Imagine a sliding scale of black to white. If you couldn’t see the entire thing, perhaps the darker of whatever slice would be “black”, to the lighter, “white”. But there is still all this other. Now you see it all, and now what was “black”, is much more relatable, and close, and the difference isn’t so much, compared to what you can see. So now we are all “white”, to simplify it, but this depends on our ability to see more. If, suddenly, we we unaware, we could easily fight over the same island, as clans, and have possibly even more “hatred” for people 20 miles away than we do now for people all the way around the world (especially since we have common languages more-so now…many people speak English, and use the same stuff, and like the same things). Do we need an alien-invasion?

That is another problem with “Nationalism”. Once we draw a line, where do the lines/fractures actually stop?

I have considered that such strong attachment to changing national identities (we can’t hold onto things forever, and things need to die, not to rush what doesn’t need to die to death), is kind of like idolatry. Or it is very close. These things can definitely be understood. I am in a kind of fight, where I am often blind.

Again, to jump around, I am glad when I am proven wrong. I want Africa to … for something to occur in places, to where we can all be successful, happy. Heaven on Earth. But again, I don’t think that the way to do that is mass immigration. But perhaps it might lead to some spark, and we might be saved by something.

It’s definitely a fight of sorts. It’s complicated. There should be balance. Having a mind to avoid conflict is not “idolatry”– that identifies where separations are more likely to lead to it. I don’t mean outright or total disrespect, to say that the benefit of these others is nothing, compared to antibiotics, vaccines, food-storage technologies, genetic editing, all the inventions made by white men (including the systems that virtually every successful country uses, more or less). It is tricky territory, but there is reality. Reality, again, is that the German mother and father would probably much rather their daughter (or son) marry a German, or Dutch, or Austrian, or Australian, and there are many reasons why this makes sense.

As well, what put us into these situations? Very rich people that jumped at the chance to make more for less. Foreign workers should never get to have citizenship (not in our current stage). They should be paid and made to leave. Slaves should not have been kept here, even if they wanted to be. I guess I am soft-nationalist. It’s much less complicated. I am not against others, inhabiting, or flowing through, or working with. But there should be a system that protects a “nation”, and the core-cooperative group, that is closest to the origin and intended function. This doesn’t mean hate for others. It’s respectful.

I considered the idea that identity and “worship” of some identity, such as what occurs with nationalistic ideas possibly…is idolatry in a way, around when I found this “repair of the world” concept in Judaism ( I was relating with the fact that people who happen to be Jewish are very visible among those pushing for “multiculturalism”. Jews were highly represented among those that brought about the Hart-Celler act, that changed immigration law in 1965 to allow non-Western Europeans into the United States, and they may have done this to get more Jews here, from Eastern Europe. Helping themselves, and their people, in-effect they left the door wide open, for everyone else. Hmm.

But, can we say that what is going on is “Godly”? Maybe a Nordic-European considers their way of life much more in alignment with “Godly” ways, than what is invited when they allow lots of men from Syria and Pakistan, and Libya, and Somalia in? I would agree with them. But at the same time, I don’t think that “genocide” is Godly, but really, what the fuck do people expect? As in, do they honestly expect that they should just be able to go anywhere, and be accepted, even if THEY don’t accept them? Non-integration? I considered, perhaps, that Jews, or people that share some idea similar to this in Judaism, might think they’re doing God’s work, and uniting the world; They might think that this globalization and gaining influence around the world is what needs to happen, to bring everything under some umbrella government-system, to smooth things over. And in this process, they’re willing to destroy the very independent people of Europe…The last ones that might actually resist them (at least, in this area, some of the best resisters would come from them, due to their history of independence, and non-collectivism, compared to other places…whites vote for less government, and fewer taxes, and more for “Republican” ideas, where non-whites vote for democrats, which want for higher taxes, that steal from whites, to subsidize them, and soften borders to allow more of the “minorities”/non-whites in). So perhaps the people on top, Jews, Freemasons, I don’t know who they are — might think they’re doing God’s work, and that this place needs to be destroyed, or used as a kind of transformation staging area, to bring the rest of the world somehow in to alignment. But who the fuck are they? And maybe my idea of “Godly” is different than theirs. Fuck them. Irresponsible, arrogant, fucks.

Look at this awesome house I built!

February 7th, 2018

Look at this awesome cloth that is made up of torn pieces of other cloth stitched together with wire. My cloth is more diverse than your brick-house. It is better. Muah. Kisses.

Add to the last

February 7th, 2018

And naturally, the position of a person who is in a minority would be more pro-diversity. More pro-open borders. More against nationalism. The person in a minority-group would definitely have it in their interest to break down the dominant people, to dissolve them, to break their identity, because that is the only way that THEY can join with an identity beyond the weak one that is relatively powerless in this society, that they have. So they band together with their weird purple haired BPA-effected Transgenders, and Muslims, and “Feminists” (meant where Transgender is written), and they get so fucking vocal. Meanwhile, everyone getting up at 4:30 A.M. to work in a field is either white, or Mexican (and it wouldn’t get done without the white guys and their machines, mostly).

Basically it just makes sense, for smaller groups to want “more diversity”. It does not make a lot of sense for an established, dominant, stable culture-group to have “more diversity”, or at least, you have a lot further go to make the case that it is in their favor (and it’s still dangerous as fuck for them, but never mind that, just call them Nazis). Not talking about “getting out” or “experiencing other cultures” — talking about another culture becoming dominant in one’s home by numbers alone in a span of less than a fucking century, all supported by government programs that should be protecting the people it’s taxing.

Nationalism problems

February 7th, 2018

If a “nation” is a people, with close to similar birth, where is the center of the nation? South Germans probably resemble people from Austria more than Austrian people resemble Norwegians and Danes, and people in northern Germany probably resemble Danes more than they do Austrians, and Italians. The changing faces/identities are much more gradual than we often get to see. I know this isn’t perfect, and there are some centers, but more or less, at the borders, we can’t really see them, and people on either side may even be related, due to the way things have happened (borders may have happened long after the fact of settlements, and borders, which often change). So where is the center of this “Nation”, and by what do we measure, and is this consistent with what we value?

I tend to swing toward, sometimes, Nationalistic ideas. I think people who are related already will have the least problems. At least, if they do have problems, the fix is usually less likely to break. A transplanted organ is more likely to take. I am definitely not a proponent of mass migration, and don’t believe it is “right” for the occupiers of a land, for what is right for them, to take in and take-care-of radically different people, sacrificing their wealth (and freedoms) to them. It’s definitely not right for the people who have found a place of relative stability.

There is a “nation”, and there are nations. No system has been perfect. Ideally we might reach a point where the discrepancy of powers between people won’t lead to such-sometimes disastrous outcomes, and inequality. Where assholes at the top can’t hold a carrot over people on the bottom to where they would do things they wouldn’t otherwise want to do. Until then, there needs to be some borders, and controls. They need to be clearly stated, “this is why…”. Why can’t a Muslim immigrate to the U.S.? They profess to believe in a supremacist ideology, that preaches dominance over all others. Clearly, these people are terrorists, IF they profess to believe this, at least, to us, they are, technically, terrorists (fulfillment of the directives of their faith lead to changes in policy, which, even in the book that is their instruction, is accomplished by terror/war). All Muslims. How can this be argued against? That their beliefs don’t matter (“they’re humans, first”)? That they aren’t real? You’re REAL respectful! You are REALLY for “diversity”! And you’re NOT RACIST! NOT BIGOTED. TOTALLY NOT ARROGANT.

I can say the above and have respect for a belief system, such as Islam. I don’t see why, if you believe something is right, that you should allow what is right to be trampled-on/destroyed. If you believe that you have found the path, you will protect this path. This might mean going to war with things that are not found to be honoring God, like what terrorist-Jihadis do. If you have found a path, if you can, you will bend those in the world that are God’s (all people), if you can, to this way (it’s a directive of God, to save the world!). This will be accomplished as gently as possible, but at some points, force would definitely be allowed, instead of losing ground, in certain systems of belief, like this, and this makes sense. As well, different rights for Muslims in an Islamic society, if Muslims are truly living in respect to God, make perfect sense; It makes sense that non-Muslims should live as Dhimmis (second class citizens), or slaves, to Muslims, that want God’s way upheld. It makes sense that they would be taxed, and it definitely makes sense that a Muslim woman should not be allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish or other man, and that a Muslim man can marry anyone, and that his children, by this system, are Muslim. It’s one way of doing things (and since men are the insurers of civilizations, as in they defend families with muscles and weapons they make, form armies, and are generally the stronger of the sexes in terms of brute force, and that matters when it comes down to it), and it’s completely understandable, for a group, to protect it’s own way…and IF they truly believe that their way IS the BEST, then quite honestly, I would rather them hold true than be hypocrites. And then, at least, if all Muslims were honest and knowledgable about their faith, and so were we, they would never, ever, get to come here, in any number that would expand. Respectfully. Never. Ever.

This is tough. I swing from being almost-Nazi to seeing where it breaks down, and trying to find a better way that actually has a future that isn’t “evil”.

But to a Nationalist, my argument is just that. A Nation is a people. Who are the people? What/who is the central authority of who these people are?

Still…I find Nationalism to be better than what is happening now in many places in the west. It’s not perfect, but considering the way things happened naturally, it wouldn’t be really that difficult, at least prior to this mass migration of the third world into the west, to be nationalist. It’s safest. It’s the most stable. It looks after a people. Our system steals from us and gives it to outsiders, that haven’t really directly given us much at all, and neither have their cultures. Where is the reciprocity — the reason we’re nice/civil in the first place? We understand, and I understand, we don’t choose people who do just enough to get by to be our friends…we don’t choose the calculating types to have around all the time…we choose those that are good for us, who go the extra mile sometimes, who are “friends”, and who support us. In some end, we’re selfish. We have to look out for ourselves, and our families. What, exactly, are boatloads of Muslim, Black, African refugees going to have that’ll benefit, for instance, France, or Germany? And do they continue their (French, German, Austrian…English) way of life, with their standards of living, and beauty (name one really great Subsaharan African artist, if you can…not saying there are none)? I know there is something to be said, or that there is something about standards, and beauty, and what people value about living, and that may be/include lifting others up around them, but you have to be smart, and you shouldn’t drag everyone around you into it, and you shouldn’t use your stable home, and home of millions of others, with thousands of years of shared history that has led to one of the most stable and free societies on Earth (western ones) to experiment.

The “White Race” probably wouldn’t be threatened with dispossession (due to competition of population-numbers of groups, with Whites supporting the most of the society, going to school longer, and paying more into the system, and having fewer babies) of Europe, and Etc., had Hitler won (had the rest of the white race which had similar views to who would be called “Nazi” now, by today’s “progressive”, not stopped him). And every year, we hear about the evil that the white man did, and another movie about the strife of the poor black people (or Jew, or now Muslim). Every fucking year. Every fucking day. Feels.